NJ coils

there are fish fryes, we should have a coil convention. get together and sample the different formula’s and shapes, let others who havn’t tried them give them a go and actually meet some of the people whom you communicate with on sways in person. let’s face it your board probably won’t break or get damaged in this, unless it flies off the roof of your car on the way to the beach. Anyone interested?

Hackeysaky and I have a Coil convention in Lavallette every time there’s a decent swell. Well actually now that he has his Coil fish the waves can be crappy for him, but I need a decent wave to break mine out.

Needless to say, I like this idea. Get with Mark at No Flat Earth, they’ve got a whole crew of guys Kirk and I have shaped boards for. Sak does have more than anybody else, like rdj says. You’d love to get a few on his new fish.


That new fish is absolutely sick. I watched Sak take a walled up crazy steep drop where I thought he was gonna go over the falls and that foiled out little fish stuck to the face like glue. He got a hoot for that one.

I’m almost ready to order another Coil Mike. Counting my pennies. The step-up is insane, but I want something more daily driver. Any chance you guys got lokbox to work yet?

I like the idea… but don’t have a coil to reciprocate.

Might have to just crash the party

If riderofwaves can get together with you and sak and the rest of the Lavallete/No Flat Earth crew, please get some pics and we’ll put ‘em on our website blog section. We’ve sent some diverse batches of boards up there lately, everything from sak’s 5’6’’ springfish to semis for travel/jersey death pits.

A widerboard (also known as ‘‘equalizer’’) like sak’s, but with a little more volume, would be a good choice for your dd. We’ll do that via pm or em.


Sak and I just bought water proof digital cameras and my girlfriend has been doing some amatuer surf photography so there will definitely be some pictures of Coils this summer.

No crashing needed, consider yourself invited. Now we need to see who’s got the organizational skills to pull this off. I nominate riderofwaves, he thought of it and besides, he’s younger and faster than the rest of 'em.

Sorry I’m a bit late arriving at this party, schedule has been rediculous lately between work and packing all my worldly possessions for an upcoming move. I’m down for meeting up with some people once the dust settles in week or two…

Mike, apologies for lack of photos, both surf and NFE; things have not let up (have actually gotten more hectic) since we talked a week or so ago (cue woeful violin solo…)

No hurry, you guys can set your own schedule. You’re busy doing important stuff for your family and that’s always priority one.


Maybe we’ll let mother nature make the decision for us and make it the first good tropical swell.

RDJ, I like that idea, I would say make it this saturday morning but I have a class I am attending, and I am probably going to be going on 2 hours of sleep in the previous three days. It should be interesting. If you don’t have a coil this I guess could be considered a test drive. If you can surf a 5’10"x18"x2", you are welcome to try my board.

BTW Mike, my friend who tried my board in december and hated it tried it again the other day with out 15lbs of neoprene on and “what the f***? I went up to do a hit and this thing just sling shotted me around!” this was in knee high garbage surf too. Just wait until he tries it in some juice.

I will organize this, it is going to be surf dependent so everyone who is interested PM with personal contact info(email, phone whatever you check at least once a day) and if a swell looks like it is forming I will get in touch. Propose though that we have in lavelette since there already some other coils there.

Mines 6’5" x 19" x 2 1/2" quad/thruster convertible foiled pretty well but plenty of float. Designed to be a step up. Hoping to order another before the fall.

Thanks for volunteering to organize, Sak’s just got so much on his plate right now… Have you met Mark at No Flat Earth? I’m sure he’d be glad to help out - and of course he’s got a nice Kirk Brasington 4-fin to share at the convention.


Hey I was thinking july 25th in lavalette, around 9am-12pm. I am going to double check tides, and come up with a back up date if it is dead flat. Any locals down there know what street the surfing beaches are on?

Bryn Mawyr Ave. at the border of Lavallette and OB 1.  At the right tide it usually breaks good.  I think that Brown ave. also has a surfing beach, but I’d check with the boro first.

Brown Ave is the main surfing beach and there are two others. I’m thinking we should wait for waves for two reasons. The first is selfish because I have new Coil on order with Mike and would love to let others check it out. The other reason is that there aren’t many small wave Coils floating around. Most that I have seen are boards you would want at least a waist high wave before taking it out. Hackeysaky’s fish is the only small wave board I’ve seen around. That said, if the date works for everyone, I’ll be there. I think we should do it in the morning though, before the guards and the crowds.

I recommend against invading an already over-crowded break in the middle of the summer “during hours”.  The surf areas are small so far this year and the guards are already not having it with the surfers and vice-versa.  Tension is already palpable, even this early in the season, so we don’t want to all of a sudden add fuel to the fire by showing up with a insta-crowd.

If during hours, I’d recommend the north or south end of town.  Brown is a pretty crowded break, and pinned in on both sides by high-strung Lav guards (nothing against them individually since they are carrying out orders of the higher-ups, but you get the point).

If you insist on doing this during the summer season, I definitely recommend a before-hours or after-hours event.  Before the guards arrive at 10, and once the guards leave (is it 5 or 6 on the weekends?), the crowd spreads out and everyone relaxes.

Early AM has better chances of favorable winds, but later in the day allows for more time for shop-talk and possibility of food and beers (not that you can’t physically eat and crack a beer at 10AM…)

I too would like to see some waves for this event, but even a waist-stomach high wave with good form could yeild some results.

Weekend of the 25th is a bit busy for me (Wife’s old college friends may be in town), but I can probably manage a few hours, especially if done early.

Agreed with Sak.  North and South end surfing beaches are less crowded than Brown.  Also agreed that mid-day in the summer is not even worth it.  Waiting until Fall is the best option, but if done during the summer a morning or evening meet is much better.  Guards and some of the crowds are MIA after labor day.  Why not wait until then?

riderofwaves will be back at university and out of Jersey by fall, Gettiing everyone's schedule and preferences to match up is the hardest part of doing something like this. I'd say do one firm date soon, and then a more impromptu get-together in the fall.