no fins no worry's


This is my latest experiment without the use any measuring equipment the concept is fin less belly / knee / stand up surfboard not to shore how well it will work. Found a broken mal on the beach and a couple of lazy hours later this is what turned up.


Asym? or is that a vee between the front of the channels?


The idea of the bottom shape could be considerd asym I thought it could work to control the board if the board was more specifically ridden front side. So at my front is a wide concave induction channel flowing into a much smaller exit channel hopefully this will bite into the wave face more but still give it heaps of lift. On the back side it’s a 2” wide 1 ½ ” deep channel that hopefully will grab enough water to make high speed turns but I suspect like all the finless boards I have made I will have to grab rail. The aim is to have a finless board that’s out of control just the right amount. It has only ½ “rocker and slight role to slight concave to dead flat.