No Luck with Lokbox in Honolulu

Hey guys,

I just got lucky and scored my first quad, only catch is it didn't come with any fins. I've been having a hard time finding fins in town, and was wondering if anyone either had a set that they wouldn't mind selling, or knew where to get the fcs adapter so i can use a friend's old fcs set. I'm a little short on the money for a new set, and I'm dying to get this thing in the water. Thanks guys

Your profile location says Kauai, but if you’re in or near Honolulu/Oahu as your post says, I can probably help you out. email ‘bud AT 808surfer DOT com’

    Howzit drcool, I have some lokbox fins but I need to see what they are. Jim gave them to me a ew years back along with the whole installation setup. I'm on the North shore in P ville which makes it really easy. I'll PM you with my Ph # and I may have something that will work. I have only a few thruster sets but I think we can put something together. Could be your lucky day.Aloha,Kokua

big mahalos kokua, but I'm actually on oahu right now. I'm from the westside of kauai, but I've been on oahu a while now for the wonderful educational experience at UH... I'm working on getting back home within a few years, just gotta wait for a job opportunity.