No posting with ipad?

anybody else having a problem posting with Ipad. I havn’t been posting bc I am always on my Ipad unless doing some work.

i cant post from my iphone either?

You need to hit input format. Than simple editor

Any chance of posting photos? Maybe if hosted elsewhere.

When trying to upload a picture the click to browse button is not active, any work arounds?

I don’t even know where my digi camera is! All my pictures these days are snapped with the phone, especially the cool in the garage shots.


Yeah, I click on the Imput format box below where you type your comment and then click on the simple editor box. Not sure what it all means but you can then type away.

Thanks guys!

What kind of surfboard is an Ipad and how bout an I phone ? never seen em ,show pictures,I wana know !!!

Cool … I’ve been just lurking on the Ipad now I’ll be able to participate. 

Testing testing



I bit touchy


Can anyone tell me how to post pics with my iPad? Would love to show my work but all my pics are on my iPad!!! Thanks for any help!

[img_assist|nid=1058867|title=trippy|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=322|height=640]Just tried this on my iPad. Same way we do it on a regular pc or Mac. Doesn’t  appear to be really any different.



Then again, that was a picture that was already in my members images directory on Swaylocks server. I just tried uploading an image from my iPad and it wouldn’t work. This is most likely because Apple hides the file system on IOS devices. It appears that theres no way to browse a path from Safari to the file ones trying to upload. There should be some kind of workaround for this that doesn’t involve jailbreaking the device. This is plain arrogance on Apple’s part trying to control what we can and can’t do on their fancy devices.

Swaylocks app anybody?

Thanks atomized…don’t feel so ignorant trying to figure this out! Lol. I agree Hang20 ,I actually went on the app store to see if Sways had one! C’mon guys,how cool would a Sways’ app be???