No Power Planer on Hand

I’m trying to figure out the best tool to use to mow foam since I don’t have a power planer. Are my only options a sureform or a rasp, or is there anything else out there that works better?


A sharp bladed # 5 or 7 block plane will work.Herb

Set really shallow…

I’ve shaped over 40 boards without an electric planer and glassed over 60 without a sander.

Power tools are nice, once you want to get the job done quickly.

But not necessary if you make one board at a time.

can you use a belt sander on a board effectivly?

A block plane will work to “de-crust” the blank, but you’ll have trouble using it for the rest of the shaping.

After the crust is off, you can successfully use a large sanding block that is tightly wedged inside a 40 grit or 50 grit sanding belt, That’s for rough shaping. Then use finer grits and screens to finish up. A sharp low-angle block plane for the stringers. Doug

P.S. I’d be a little suspect of Herb Spitzer from now on. Herb…how could ya.

very coarse sandpaper on a block, can take it down ok…makes your arm pretty tired ,small hand plane for the stringer…ahh you got it…