Non-surfing help from the Hawaiians

We’re in a dilema here.

I got a friend who’s 11 y/o kiddo just got a new parrot, and he wants to know if I know any good Hawaiian names for one. Dont’ know if HI gots parrots or not, but i think you gots good names, uh?

So we make our/his decision tomorrow Sats noontime local.

gimme some help here, pleaz.


we have wild parrotts where I live (not Hawaii, unfortunately). I suggest Waha Nui… or “big mouth”

“Eh Bruddah”

That’s mo bettah

Kimo is awesome…

is it pronounced keemoh?

what is the hawaiian word for Pirate?


“what is the hawaiian word for Pirate?”


nice one Lee. I change my vote to Haole…

Shaka Bird

Haole gets my vote for sure…

and you gotta teach the bird to sit on your shoulder and say

“sqwuaaak… Im a pirate…”



pronounced “vah-lah-ow”

means someone yapping (someone extremely talkative) all the time


how about just “MR” nicknamed “meesta”



what is the hawaiian word for Pirate?

[=Blue]I believe that would be something like…


There are no native Parrots in Hawaii but there are sadly, plenty of Pirates.

When I’ve heard “aihue” it meant that you borrowed something without the owner’s permission, though not with criminal intent. Like… “I wen aihue my brudda’s board, goin be okay so long he no fine out befo I get um back”

But it could mean something more pernicious. Where are Pukui and Elbert when you need 'em?

that might be the name of my next shape…

the pirate

Aihue means to “steal” not pirate

to borrow is “a nui”

bird = manu

to talk = wala’au





get used to it

as given hawaiian birth names

are always long strings of description

never just a single word



from the forest-uluwlaau

ke hiiaka-goddess of the forest

Lilikoi - passion fruit

and I like sur4fins entry - pidgen - what the Hawaiian’s speak

Kukui is the state tree of Hawaii

Pua Aloalo is the state flower - yellow hibiscus

Nene is the state bird of Hawaii - Hawaiian Goose

Kamehameha - after the King

or check this link -

Howzit oneula, Looked up pirate in Hawaiian dictionary and this is what I got for the word pirate.

Pôwâ, pôwâ moku, pôwâ ma ka moana . Aloha,Kokua

hey kokua… how come you’re not out surfing? The waves look pretty good.

Howzit kendall, No time to surf today, got a flooring job to finish up and just took a little extra time this morning to see what’s going on here. Aloha,Kokua