nose riding egg plan

recently i posted form some info on a egg that could possibly be used for nose riding or anything near the nose. all awsome. just before i put pencil to the blank and start cutting, i just wanna know what people think of the outline. i know its not the most important aspect but i feel if i stuff it up i will be lost. here is a simple line drawing. any thoughts or recomendations would be great… the size is 6’5 may be 7 by 21 wide 16 nose and 14 tail. will this shape work. hope the pic works to or my whole post is just stupid…cheers

You might want to check out Buttons’ surfing in Many Classic Moments. He rode tons of short eggs on the nose (cheater fives), typically in the barrel. Somewhere on this site is an article about nose-riding shortboards…

Main ingredient on the outline seems to be widepoint behind center. If it’s not, the baord won’t hold a parallel line while you’re up on the nose.

The short-noserider article was posted recently…or a link was, can’t remember.

looks like a fun board…i’d pinch out those rails a lot and go really soft from the nose through the center, and sharpen it up to a full downrail at the tail…good luck

all great. the info on the rails seems to be the most important, i am taking many notes from all these posts. just on pinching rails, what is exactly that. i know what soft and hard rails are and down rails… but not exactly sure on pinching.

more pinched rails means that the rail angle is tighter (while still being 50/50 or 60/40 or whatever) so that it flows farther onto the deck of the board. it’ll draw more water over and around the rails to help keep it stable for you to sneak a noseride on the outline shape as you currently have it. the cost is that it’ll take away some of the natural drive that you’d get from a harder, downrailed board…which is why if i were doing it, i’d taper it back to a hard edge at the tail…so it’ll dig in and give you that drive off the tail end and hard cuts from rail to rail.

Lewis, dude, I’m working on this sort of shape right now! It’s late, but I’ll take a pic or two of it tomorrow and kick down my template if you like. It is a 6’10". I’m in the rail-turning stage of the process right now, which is harrowing but fun. We’ll have to compare notes on these suckas…

this is my longboard with training wheels. i took off the big hatchet and now use an 8" liddel fin and a 3.5" trailer dehind it. measurements are roughly 6’l x 18.5"n x 21.5"w x 17.5"t x 13"p. the widepoint is pulled back around 4 inches ebhind center.

it surfs alot liek a longboard but is still fun in the right surf, i can noseride better on this board then my longboard. ive even been seen hanging heels on it.

i will definatly start to post some pics as i get started. i have the blank and its perfect. its gonna be a slow process but sofar u guys have given me some fantastic feed back. thank u so much.

Yes i agree Msacht, lets compare what we have, id love to see what u are doing. have u shaped many boards, this is my first so it may look like just down right weird but im learning.

Thanks foor the rail info i guess i can just try to see what hapens, if it doesnt do exactly what id hoped its cool anyway. id love to see some more examples. i have seen the mctavish egg and i love it… ill find a pic. cheers

Actually i just had a thought. my original dimentions were gonna be 16 in the nose 21 wide 14 in the tail and bout 7ft long. what would happen if i boought it down even further…

6’5-6ft, 16 in the nose, 20 wide and about 13 in the tail. i ask this because it will allow a nicer shap within the blank i have got cheers

i’ve got a 6’6" x 22" x 3" single fin egg that i can hang five on. and im 200 pounds. im not sure about the nose and tail widths, but i seem to recal something like 18" nose and maybe a 14" tail. ill try and put some pictures up later. super fun board.

What blank are you using? Natural Rocker? A little concave would be in order I think. Thickness about 2.75"? A more modern foil sure would be fun. Good luck on a fun project.

i am using a 7’4 minimal blank, but the guy where i bought the blank helped me out with the electric planer to get the crust off. very helpful. we discussd it and he found something that would fit my measurments. the rockers is natural i guess, i didnt specify one. it sure will be fun. i cant wait to ride it.