Noserider blank ??

I am up in the air as to what blank I am planning on going with for my next noserider.  I am thinking 9’8 to 10’4 roughly 23-24 wide.  With that said, what is your favorite blank from US, teccel, or Xtra? And why is it your favorite? These are the three choices I have locally.

thanks for any input… 

US Blanks is the call for sure. Consisten, white and user friendly. The 10’4" B is a great blank for what you’re trying to make and you can get custom rockers.

You are all class Ted Wilson!


All I see in the catalog is a 10’2 B.  is this the one you are referring to?  If you were to buy this blank for mushy/florida type waves what custom rocker would you order?  Thanks for the response!

It’s 10’2B for the record…

“Intended for longboard shapes from 9’8” to 10’0", this is a close tolerance blank to net 24" x 3 3/8" maximum dimensions."



I’m new to swaylocks posting-wise so I’m sorry if this doesn’t belong here. I’ve searched through the forums but I can’t really find a definitive answer. I’m going to be doing a noserider about 9’5 x 23 x 3 but I’m not exact on the dimensions yet but I think those will be pretty close. I’m doing two 4oz on top and one 6 oz on bottom, then a hotcoat on top. How much resin will I need? I’m going to be using Sun-Cure PU. 


Again sorry if I should make a new thread or there is already an answer to this.


Oh and would a US Blanks 9-9B blank work for this?

What do you weigh?

What is your surfing ability?

What fin do you think you’ll use with it?

If I was making a longboard that length, I’d do either 1 layer 6, 1 layer 4 on the deck. Or maybe even 2 layers of 6. But that’s just me.

I’ve ended up using a rough guide of 3oz of resin per foot of board (on deck) and 2oz per foot of resin on bottom. There are a lot of guys on here that can do it in a lot less, I’m just a shed builder.

If I was you, I’d start looking at other shaper’s websites to see examples of boards that you’d like to mimic. There’s got to be a noserider thread here somewhere…

Well its for a friend, I think she’s 5’6 120. She’s not the worst but still probably a Beginner, I think Ill make her a noserider fin something like thisNoseRider Fin

When you said 1 layer 4 on deck was that a typo or is really 1 enough? On my HP longboards I put 2 layers 4 and 1 layer 6 on the bottom since I like my boards strong. Would 1 gallon be enough to cover the entire board or should I get two?

Hi Nico-

If you live in SB then you should just pop into the shop, we are only ten mins down the road.  Our guys will point you in the right direction on a blank and glassing supplies.  That way you can see and touch blanks to get it right.

Hope to see you soon-


No sorry, I meant 1 layer of 6 PLUS a layer of 4.

I go to your shop a lot actually, I built my first, second, and third board there too. I might come down on friday if you guys are open!

Depending on where you are, sounds like Florida, If you can pick up some Millennium Foam, Im a big fan of 10’3"CB its really versatile.