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For anyone interested, Makita planers model no.: KP0800K 3&1/4" 6.5 amp 11&1/4" shoe are on sale as reconditioned with one year warranty for $99.00. This is cheap.

They are found at:

For what it's worth.


That model used to called the 1900B, which is a great tool for the amateur builder, and now has a more powerful motor.  I had one that became Richie Collin’s first planer when he was a kid.  It helped out a bunch before he was big enough to handle a  skil 100.  Always wondered why Clark choose the hitachi over it, and am still wondering.

Yeah G, these have all the power you would ever need. I have one for woodworking that is 17 yrs old and still going. Blades are easy to find too. Makita was already established and doing well when Hitatchi Tools were introduced. Clark probably got the better deal from them and they needed the sales.