Number 2 - 6'0'' Quad (The Gold Fish)

OK - it took a while… but i’m happy with the outcome

Orange resin tint, glossed and polished - the dims are 6’0’’ x 21 1/2 x 2 7/8 ish?#

kinda inspired by a Pavel speed dialer, i’ve had pleasure of riding one and it flew!!! I say kinda 'cause pavel is the master and i’m on number 2 - a very long way to go

fins courtesy of mick the fin (southern books)

can’t wait to get her in the water (thursday i hope)

looking for constructive critisim…

Beautiful tint there, love that color! I think orange is next on my list. Hope you get some good waves to test it out in!

what a beauty!

great job, man. would be very proud of that, for sure.

Thats beautiful mate, top job!

If that´s only your second board then the master better watch out! Congratulations on a fine job.

Thats is a great job and a great color. Did you install the Lokbox yourself? How did that go?

OK - No i didn’t install the lokbox’s myself, Matt @ Factory 52 (European Rusty distributor) installed them with his jig. I have since talked to Mick the fin and he has talked my through the methods for ‘home’ installation - it doesn’t seam that hard, though i’m not sure it will be as professional??? Time will tell.

Test drove the board today - MAN I’M SOOOOO HAPPY, IT FLIESSSSSS. Really fast, i normally ride a Mandala Quad and this is comparable in speed, felt really drivey off the bottom.

Anyway i’m one stoked bunny and happy with the help you guys have given me. Aloha to all of ya!!!