NYC surfboard

So here are pictures of my finished board. I built it from scratch using the Home Depot foam and I am hoping to learn to surf on it. Here is a list of mistakes I made along the way.

1). Decided to use suncure resin and paint the blank to stop the poly. from

melting the blank. I used four layers of paint but the blank melted in places anyway.I did not epoxy due to expense and I wanted to take my time

and cure the resin with sunlight. I should have taken your advice.

2). Laminated in the loading dock of my loft building with the doors shut to keep out the sun. After about ten minutes the other tenants in the building

started complaining and shut me down half way through. I managed to get one layer of glass on the hull but the blank had melted in quite a few places.

3). Decided to work outside with the sun cure, hazy day but as you can imagine I could only do small sections at a time. I was very brave, I didn’t cry at this point. I ground the mess down with my angle grinder and took it back upstairs.

4). Had to buy a half gallon of epoxy in the end to finish the job but did not

buy additive F so lots of bubbles in the hot coat.

All in all I had a great time and I think it will float. If it wasn’t for this forum I would still be wondering what surfboards are made of and how I was going to come up with the $500 to buy one.

very nice. have you surfed it yet?

No I havn’t surfed it yet. I have only been surfing twice and only stood up

about four times. I hope to learn on this board and am looking into getting

a wet suit. New York winters are cold. I started building the board at the end of summer after having fun on a body board at the NJ shore. It has turned into a bit of an obsession, it was really only to give me something to do at the beach when I go with the wife and daughter. Now it looks like I am going to the beach without the family in the middle of winter. Am I nuts?.

you may be nuts, but you are not alone.

what beach? Long Island beaches or jersey beaches?

Where did you make the board?

I made the board in my woodshop here in Brooklyn, NY. I am a cabinetmaker so I have the space and the tools. I go down to Long Beach Island in New Jersey for a week in summer but I am planning to surf in Long Island or maybe Rockaway in Queens, about half an hour from here.

As a first effort, I think you did an outstanding job. Be proud.

As a first effort, I think you did an outstanding job. Be proud.