O.T. Any one using the Hyundai iload van .....

…for work or surf?


Looks like they may be popular in Australia so looking for some feedback.



I have got to get a van for work next year so although not very good on juice I like the 5 year 100,000 miles warranty.


looks like a copy of a honda odessey..

then again all of them do now...toyota sienna, nissan quest...

why not get the original?

i have had my 2006 odessey since october 2005...and it has been

 a dream....which is alot to say, because it replaced my beloved 26 yr old toyota van which i loved to death...literally ;-)

hey Mark we got a couple of older hyundais in the fleet and they are good . . toyota hiace are premium price good for at least a 700k with maintenence. mitzys unreliable lucky to get 200k . nissans are one behind the hiace in reliability goood for at least 400K. mazda/ford value for money and pretty reliable 280 to 360k. the older hyundais are cheap and reliable motors good for at least 500k . transmissions good for meb 300k

talkin diesels here btw