['O.T.'] "one for Josh "....[grom photos]

today I received a photo c.d. from my folks [yes , Kirk , there ARE some ‘takapuna’ N.Z. shots in there , somewhere , too !]

…Anyways , Josh ,

this is me , taken at Rawson Park [Mosman , Sydney]…in 1976 , when I was the age you , and ‘the king of dub’ , and ‘cheater5’ are now …

… I just thought you might get a laugh from this , eh ?

Sorry about the constipated look on my face . I was with my mum and grandma , so maybe I was trying hard not to fart , or something ? …beats me WHY !!

[the camera was a Ricoh35ZF , which lasted me about 5 years , from memory …]



good stuff ben!

Funny that you brought that up. I’ve just finished cutting/trimming a pair of old tight board shorts and to “crystal cylinder” style surf trunks.

quick question.

I’m going surfing soon. should i take my single fin or my twin fin. the surf isn’t doing much. just pick a random board.


my nephew hit the water early on !

he’s about 4 years old here …

To me the most foretelling item in the photo, is the camera in your hands.

And so it began…


Yep, the camera was a dead give away! But what surprised me most was the purse. Do all wozzie teenagers cary purses?

Just kidding Ben!


…pity that they didn’t have photos of my first camera … a box brownie.

my second one was something MUCH smaller …remember the ‘110’ cartridge film ‘instamatic’ cameras of kodak’s ?

then my third camera was a 126 cartridge kodak instamatic. *

I distinctly remember taking my first skating shot in 1974 , as a 13 yo , of a neighbour of mine , riding a sloped wall near our place . [Wish THAT photo was still around !!]

My first surfing shot [that I remember , anyway , was either fairy bower , taken with a twin lens reflex 120 film ‘hacoflex’ ,


a shot of li’l av , taken with this Ricoh you see in the picture



and yes , the handbag did belong to …my 76 yo grandma . Her and mum are cropped out of the shot , but yes sr.pato, you are very observant …

  • p.s. - maybe not surprising …I worked at Kodak in Sydney , from 1980-1982 …

no wonder your such a good photographer Ben!

…looks like josh gets a chrissie present this year , then ! heehee

And now …

here’s Simon , [my brother] in 1972 , at age 16…

working for News Limited in sydney as a copy boy [whatever THAT is ?!] , before becoming a photographer , and three or four years later , working for ‘Tracks’ as their photog …

And , a year later , on his P’s …