Oahu Swaylocks gathering August 13, 2011

Keith’s coming over and we’re going to have a gathering at Barber’s Point White Plain’s beach or a beach in the same general area. I’m going to check the alternate site this weekend which is just down the road.

Anyone prefer getting there earlier than 10 a.m.?

Come down and spend some time with Sharkcountry, Oneula, UncleD and others. Charlie (Honolulu), Derek (foamdust), Blaine (carvenalu) and all you others out there, please join us and bring your newest toy. Deadshaper suggested inviting Randall Stoker and checking out a Stoker V machine. CMP you are invited too. Petey, you hanging out and reading threads… come down. To Bill B, and all the legends, we’d love to see you guys again. 

is just a one day thing? Does the bus run there from the airport? I would love to hop over from Maui.

Hey Tuna, we’re meeting for just a day, but Keith will be here for more than one day. He hopes to get some surfing in during the days he’s here.

Not sure of the bus routes, but I think it would leave you several miles away. One of us could pick you up from the nearest bus stop and take you back later, but that might be a bit stressful for you getting back to the airport in time.

Tuna?  (Jim?)  I’ll be happy give you a ride back to the airport if you make it over… haven’t seen you since the trip to Kauai w/ Clay…


Keith what days will you be around to surf?

I’ll try to get a half day off to surf with you.

Howzit – will be there w/ family from 5th to 24th… hope to see a bunch of you folk & surf lots too!

Will be checking my PMs etc… 



I'll try be there, but there's a 25-year wedding anniversary trip somewhere in that area.

I went out to Makaha with the family on Saturday and it was flat. Did manage to ride an inflatable mat over the inside reef right in front of the apartments. I was the only one crazy enough to go out, then a couple of kids saw me and joined in the fun.

On the way home we checked out the alternate spot just down from White Plains beach, and it’s not better than White Plains, so let’s meet at White Plains.

I’m open for surfing during the week, so if a swell comes in I’m going to take a half a day off and hit it with Keith.

Wish I could be there with you guys.     Hope you all have a good time.

yup, Makaha tends to miss a lot of summer swells, but we’ll come into town as necessary, there’s almost always waves somewhere…

so White Plains it is, on the 13th.  We’ll bring some food & drinks, hope to see some of you there!   Pray for surf!

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Howzit Brah, you get some?  Stevo and I got shoulder high *****'s all to ourselves this AM  Big windswell.  Wishing we were there…water 58 degrees here.  Stay outa trouble and say hey to Patrick and the girls!

OK guys the gathering is this weekend. Get the word out if you can. More details to come.

okay who planning on coming?

RSVP anyone ?

since we’re the closes (Ewa Beach)t we need to know if we need to go down early to set up a couple of popups to reserve some space

otherwise Whiteplains is the waikiki beach of the rowdy makakilo-kapolei-westside crowd who’ve claimed it as their own private waikiki these days. The restaurant is gone, just a board storage room these days.

sounds like there may be a small swell but o-beach/white plains/kalaeloa is currently SUP-ville and a beginner wasteland these days… Lots of families and parties galore… Lots of eye candy too…


Recent videos of White Plains beach action from Terry Reis 





also anything you folks wanna try out?

griffins? 5 fins (fish/modfish(6’2"/6’'4"/6"6")) - 6’8" thruster

gemini concave bottom twin nose quads? 6’10"/9’

REX quad Manta? 6"8"

mandala quad fish? 6"4"

Revolution (solo surfer) Horan Replica with (Mair) quads or single spitfire or wavegrinder fin? 6’8" 


if no one’s planning on coming

then i’ll just drop by later to see if anyone showed after checking out haubush/shark country which is 5 minutes away…



White Plains is okay.  I was planning to bring my wife and she needs a rest room.  Is anyone bringing a grill?  If so, I'll prep some meat.  If not, I'll bring pork hash.  I can stay for a few hours but need to leave in the early afternoon to pick up mu grandaughter.




We will be there, all six of us. I don’t have a grill but maybe can find one by then… Supposed to be a new swell starting Friday…Bernie you can bring a griff!
See ya,

We can bring a grill. I left my small weber at Bernie’s house. Just need to find it.


the facilties are fine just no restaurant to make things easy

We can bring a grill They have them built in too if you can get a cabana


I’ll bring a bunch of board to play around with if I can get my beach mobile fixed.

First the starter motor kept me out of the water for months now the shocks aand suspensions out.


we’ll get down early to try and reserve a space in the cabana area.


we i was paddling in from courts tonight I ran into George Ku and his wife who were sitting ion the channel on their SUPs resting

He said he was at white plains a couple of weeks ago and their was a good sized swell.

I told him to come down this weekend

he was checking out the board sharkcountry made me

everyone in the lineup was spocking out robin’s fins too bad it was so crowded i couldn’t catch much with all the longboarders and SUPs.

oh well its good to get the exercise paddling in and out 




did you get an addition to the family?

or did Patrick bring his girlfriend?


Pray for surf


What do you folks want to eat?

Costco is just down the road from the beach as is Tamura’s (old BP Navy Commissary)

I think Keith’s older son is here.

harry and i will be there around 8-9am

gonna be bookoo crowded cause the swell’s peaking tomorrow

should be fun

i’ll bring a variety of interesting boards to try out

i’ll bring my gopro boards and we’ll trty and take video and pic for those who can’t make it.


hope to see all the oahu boys there

sharkcountry should be getting somewaves  too this weekend.


Wanksalot … if you still have Roy’s board, maybe you can bring it down so we can all give  it a go although the lifeguard might ban it…


see you all there!