Off Topic: HoverCraft Surfboard?

I just turned on The Discovery Channel and caught the end of a MythBusters episode and saw them testing a HoverCraft Surfboard!!! It really didn’t work very well, but I thought it was cool!

Anyone else ever played with this?

Edit: It was homemade with common parts found around the house. At least that’s what I think they said. I only caught the last 2 or 3 minutes of it.

how about a hovercraft toilet seat, to keep you a few inches above the rim, sanitary!

just dont let the shit hit the fan

Try delving into the archives for air insertion methods, it might be a difficult search, but its in there, angled holes from deck to bottom plus venturi effect pulls air into waterstream under the board…I seem to remember speed as an advantage and loss of control as a drawback…

id love to see that episode, those guys are in my area, the local convenience store has a bunch of pictures of their usual customers and the girl who’s with the “younger” crew on the show is in a couple…

It looked more like a regular powered hovercraft with a surfboard as the base. It would never work on waves. I just thought it was cool because of the surfboard platform.

HoverToiletSeat lol It don’t take shit from anyone.

I saw that one too - I think they made it with a blower vac drilled through the deck and made a big bag underneath - kooks!

Just gave an idea tho’ for a skim board with a sail…

Step by step on how to make a Hoverboard

nice vid

Thanks. Is that the same thing they were testing on MythBusters?

This originally caught my eye because I have a hovercraft design of my own from a few years back. Not surfing related. It never got past the drawing stage. It would have been non-practical in a real world, but it had many more possibilities than the HoverBoard and not as home made. It sure was fun playing with the design on paper. I never kidded myself about taking it further than that. Now it has got me thinking about using a surfboard base on it just for the novelty. All it needs is MORE POWER! [caveman grunts] Like I have time for that stuff.

Pretty much the same - man there’s a lot of hover craft making peeps out there saw one site where they made their own ‘homemade’ jet engines -WOAH!!!

spider man 3 has a hovercraft snowboard . . .

i remember that rumor saying someone made one after back to the future 2 movie, but the test kids kept serious injuiries and govt never approved of it LOL . …


that would be kind of cool. you can get tow ins from your hover mates, or pratice pop ups from 10,000 feet. They made a nano jet engine, you just add a drop of fuel and it goes so its possible within our lifetimes.

Yea, I remeber hearing about that also when I was a kid. I forgot about it until just now. What was up with that? Government would not approve it? I remember someone telling me that it was magnetic? Can’t have happened that way. You would have seen one by now, right?

Thanks Benny. I bookmarked it. If I get some extra time and money I may actually do something with this. Doubt I can, but you never know. A functional HoverSurfboard? Hmmm.