oh yeah sure it never happened

like all coverups

to deny it ever happened

is a method

with historic precedent.

thanx to those

in power who saved the

principals the embarassment

for being held responsible

for their indescresions.

the who what when

are achedemic

the opertunity

for resolution will never come again

like a movie walked out on

the plot resolution never realized

hangs heavier in the abused memory

for ever…

strike two

when does moderation

become censorship in a free society?

is censorship a given in maintaining peace and stability?



on notice

not locked but erased

rage with impunity and

your sins will be not just obscured but

erased…erased indeed

in all but those who were indelibly

scared by your incivility.


with friends like those…

I lock this thread … or delete it

   with equal impunity

…“errors and bugs”

[ lol , etc ]

it’s not gone, it was locked *by request" and moved to the “dumb and dumber threads” section of Swaylocks, also known as Errors and Bugs, where anyone can read it. If they have nothing better to do with their time.


history is important

to avoid an unfortunate future.

erase strike two .

grace is











I just re-read the “Three ways Thread”…LOL.

You know,it has some very valid points…some of the points are very sharp…some are duller than my wife’s kitchen knives(there’s a good reason for her dull knives,believe me).

Mostly it was very internet-taining,some of the best of the Best works are there/here,no doubt.

Greg said he misses the old Herb…ya I do too,but too many personal life events have changed me forever,and it’s for the good …not so much for me …but for you guys.

In the past I had…a few altered names,such as ,“Samuri Surfboardbuilder” but someone got on me for the racial thing…geeez,I’m half Japanese guys…anyhow

I post only in my name now,but I allow two other individuals to us my IP codes.

Both are famous actors and want to have a drop off point if someone trys to trace them out.Another words the buck will stop here and then they deal with me,which if you do get on my bad side, physically …You’d better hope to God or the Devil or some being from outerspace comes and saves you ass because that’s what it’s going to take…if you don’t believe me…come by …I can give you a free sample.

My two famous actor friends are in the news alot, one with a messy divorce,and a past abuse problem,the other was basically a criminal in his past but saw his way to go clean.Niether post much on sways but they do visit here once in a blue moon.Mostly they have there own gigs in cyber space and don’t venture far from that.

I thought to me,that it was important to use my real name,that way everything is up front…it doesn’t mean that it can’t be fun! Herb


BTW , I still want the name Chipsfish if we have to pay…lol

naw,just jokin’ Ben…Herb

Nice, uh, examplanalogy!


(cute kid you got there too–you can probably find a carrier with a D ring on the back! lol)



If they have nothing better to do with their time.