Okay Dan Hess... being that we are all still trying to pick our jaws up off the floor, can we PLEASE see how they are built?

Play by play…

Step by step…

Pic by pic…

Can we have a gander inside of one of those beauties?



good luck.

i am a friend of both him and his wife and he wouldn’t let me in his shop…

smart he is…

I’ve been, I’ve seen, we’ve compared, I’m sworn to secrecy…

I can say. that it’s complete opposite of the way I do it…

I hope that helps…


BTW: Danny really is the nicest guy in the world…!!!..

The downside of the net? Every once in a while you gotta say no…so that the chinese version doesn’t up on the docks in long beach getting the “made in china” sticker peeled off before it’s off to the shop to be sold for a few hundred dollars less than your original version…yikes

Its all there, check out the pictures of his boards, and the interview with business week, pretty much clears everything up. Take what you know from Bert, from Jensen, and for those of you that are carpenters…what you know about finish carpentry. It is definitely all there.

Its just a hollow core board capped with 1/8" door skin er something right? 1/8" plywood cap of some sort I’m sure.

Forget learning how to copy 'em, I WANT ONE!!! I’m sure this thread will get his attention. Trade? Let’s see, $1,200. Two boards and a couple blanks or what???

Is it hollow or is it compsand? on his site he says he uses eps so I am guessing there is some compsand goin round in there somewhere… bloody beautiful boards…

they do look great

i would like to see the flex video

i have a feeling they would be stiff

there doesnt seem to be any mysteries there though

eps core ply skins and multi layers rails and end blocks

following berts info would get you most the way there if you were keen

talked to a guy yesterday at a beach just south of Pacifica.

board looked beautiful. the guy said that it was eps core.

cork and poplar rails. they looked similar to Mr. Jensen’s rails.

the guy went on about how hard it was to ding 'em (he has 2).

the one that he had yesterday was a quad with a wing and

swallow tail. it looked to be about 6’0". seemed to go pretty

good in the really messy waves that we had.

From Danny’s site -

Wood: Each board is built using Amapola, Cork and Poplar. Danny prefers to work with Amapola and Poplar because of their high tensile strength to weight ratio.

Perimeter Frame: Each perimeter frame is constructed using a system of molds and templates, which creates the board’s rail outline, foil, and rocker.

Interior EPS Frame: The interior EPS frame is installed within the perimeter frame and shaped to create the deck and bottom contours.

Wood Skin for Deck and Bottom: The wood skin bonds the EPS and perimeter frame to create a strong, unified structure.

Epoxy Glassing Schedule: The boards are glassed using Resin Research Epoxy and a single layer of 4 oz. S-cloth on the deck and bottom.

The Perimeter Stringer:

  • Each surfboard is engineered to provide a specific and predictable amount of flex/ return spring projection along the perimeter stringer/ rail line

  • The perimeter stringer eliminates the twisting characteristics that can be found in foam center stringer surfboards in which speed and forward projection are lost

  • Moves the controlled flex of the surfboard from the center of the board to the rail line which creates a more efficient and responsive transfer of energy from the surfer, to the surfboard, to the wave

  • Transfers the weight of the surfboard to the perimeter which creates a more positive rail to rail feeling

  • Boards have enhanced projection due to the return flex characteristics of Poplar and Amapola wood under tension


There’s a new Hess “shaper video” on Mollusk’s website.



talked to a guy yesterday at a beach just south of Pacifica.

board looked beautiful. the guy said that it was eps core.

cork and poplar rails. they looked similar to Mr. Jensen’s rails.

the guy went on about how hard it was to ding 'em (he has 2).

the one that he had yesterday was a quad with a wing and

swallow tail. it looked to be about 6’0". seemed to go pretty

good in the really messy waves that we had.

Danny spent a lot of time developing those methods…first ones were HEAVY and SLOW…he got his builds done faster and lighter with time…

The rails are heavily derived from Jensen’s methods. The internal frame is EPS (but there is no core). And he does do it sorta opposite of what I’ve seen of Jensen’s builds.

One of the most highly skilled surfers that shapes…Danny takes his 6 foot quads out in well well overhead pounding surf…

And a truly nice guy.

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Hess has awesome boards . . . he could easily give FW a run for its money. I like his Pavel collaboration also. nice. NICE!!!

About the China thing . . . what s sad with the US debt was in control close to being paid off years ago 1. . . But China wants #1 status and that unfortunately means taking down #1 title, which US currently holds.

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and fuck the surftech / import invasion of surfing. its irrelevant when you got dudes like Hess and Swaylocks members.

Thats one thing that I never got with Muslim Fundamentalists. the 40 virgins.

Give me the 40 porn stars anyday. :wink:

Just a bump for Hess. Saw one of his Quad Fish today. So fine looking I wanted to lick it. Really a work of art! Very functional art. About same weight as a solidly glassed foam board of same size. Being ridden as a kneelo and working very well considering the marginal surf.

There's a new Hess "shaper video" on Mollusk's website.

thanks for posting that. nice clip.