Old Brewer

A friend's nephew was at the beach yesterday and he had this board with him. I don't know how it came into his possession or when.

I could not find any markings or serial # on it. It is 6'6", and as you can see it has no leash plug or other style of leash attachment.
I'm curious if any of you who are more intimately familiar with Brewer's shapes can date this. Given the fact that it has wings, a beak nose,
and no leash plug my guess is about 1973.

I guess the new format/upgrade here still doesn't allow display of images in the first post on a topic, so…here's linked images.


Well,  that was a waste of time.

Also, when I tried to use the image link editor function, a window pops up with this in it:

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Cool, no?

Luv the nose foil - what do they call that?  

That would be what we call a "Beak" nose. Popular for the time.

Classic flat deck with Brewer rails.

Built before I worked there.

I'm guessing mid 70's.

Would love to hold it.

Classic Brewer lines!

BarrySnyder wrote:
"That would be what we call a "Beak" nose. Popular for the time.

Classic flat deck with Brewer rails."


You are correct. 100% beak nose . I meant to mention that. The rails are very full and boxy. It has very little damage except for a chipped nose and tail that were repaired in a half-assed manner. One thing I really like is the pin lines. Excellent work, whoever did it.


Too bad there's no more "quote " function here. At least, I'll be damned if I can find it.

That is a classic Brewer.  My guess is also 1973 to about 1975.  I don't think you will find any numbers on Brewers from that time. Seems that he was not all that organized in the late 60's early 70's  I do recall that he had a couple of ghost shapers working for him Owl Chapmen… Reno and maybe one or two others.  

 Danny Callahan and Dave Gardner opened a shop in Oceanside that became Donald Takayama's shop and later Linden's. They were both long time board builders on The North Shore Brewer shaped a few Boards there, Danny did the glass work. Could be one of the boards shaped in Oceanside.  Then again lots of Brewers came back from winters spent on the North Shore. 

 Am I seeing a faded Airbrush color? Or is that just a sun baked deck? 






No airbrush. There's some tanning at the nose. Oddly, it's only in the deck area and not the rails. Even though there's no sign of water intrusion, such as black stringer, etc.  I think the board could sell to a collector, under the right circumstances. Just needs a bit of cleanup.

doesn't that fin box look like a later era, like maybe someone replaced the glass on fin at a later date?

I was working at Dyno Surfboards 1972-1974, and Brewer came over and shaped some boards for us.  It was Brewer, Owl Chapman, and Sammy Hawk. So, add Hawk to the list of guys that were ghost shaping for Brewer at that time.

lcc wrote: "doesn't that fin box look like a later era, like maybe someone replaced the glass on fin at a later date?"


No. The box is totally original.
The board is from about 1973-75. I had a Surfboards Hawaii 6'8" in 1972 that had that very same fin box. It was the same as current day FU boxes.

Nice that no one drilled a hole in the fin for a leash. That was the era of the advent of the leash, but not the leash plug. 

A hole in the fin wouldn't matter, since it's a box fin. I'm pretty sure the fin in it is a whole lot newer than the board.
And, the Tom Overlin that was shaped for me in 1974 had a plug. So, I'm actually surprised this Brewer doesn't have one.

Sammy a lot of boards were retro fitted with deck plugs. The Condition of that Board makes me tink it was stored away for many years.  My Guess would be that it had a hole drilled in the original fin to attach a leach.  I have to admit that I did that on a couple of boars But liked drilling a hole in the fin box as an alterative.  

 I would have loved surfing that board back around 1974.