old compsand video i did

hey dudes. heres an old compsand video i did a year or so ago(there are 7 video clips to view). its method shown to me by MIKE SABIN , posting here as sabs. some of the techniques shown are also my own

the method has influence and ideas drawn from ROY STEWARTS techniques and he has been using this method for the longest period of time as far as i can tell. Yes he has far more intelligence then people here give credit for.I have refined these methods by now and some of the things i dont do anymore and of course i work on a large table most of the time. Sabs gave me permission to share this information a long time ago and for some reason due to pressure from others and my own selfish ambitions this has been pretty well kept under hat.

if you blended this video with the compsand begginers guide you would get pretty close to where im at

this method is easily adapted into mass production and im assuming it is what firewire, and other major manufactures now use to produce these types of board. a lot of people will hate my guts for publishing this, but in reality its nothing new. and a lot of people hate my guts anyway.

People may attempt to sue me over patents, but i have evidence of this method before firewire existed and kiteboards and skis have been made this way for years. Hein also makes board in this way.

At the end of the day the people that matter to me in my life are not in internet forums.But playing in my backyard, giving me foot rubs and going surfing with me.

this is a sort of cold turkey break if you will, and this is my parting gift

i will still check in and post a few boards here and there but i am no longer connected to the compsand site or any other group or orginisation due to time restraints and requiring to get out of financial difficulties and personal problems in my real life.

i will leave this video up for a day or so and then it will be deleted permenently for obvious personal business reasons


i no longer used kerfed balsa wood on the rails(i use solid pvc foam, it bends easily), or any urethane glues. i seal the wood first and wet out the cloth normly with a squgee actually on the wood(not folded up in a bucket). i also patch under foot…this will make a strong balsa board about 4 pounds if you use 4 oz o the outside. Also i glue on my tailblocks and nose blocks before the rails are applied. also i now use and electric planer and better shaping tools…My inserts are now cut off sheet and routed in with a router template before the rails are applied… also i use a spray adhesive to attach the hotwire templates.this is a very fast way to make a compsand board

i make boards this way because i dont need any surfboard industry supplier to make a far superior board

the industry is the worst ive ever encountered in my life

i can get everything i need from the hardware except for fin systems

and personally PROBOX is the only system i would use if it was easily available in NZ…the reason being, is that Larry is a true gentleman his product is the easist to install and inexpensive and very very strong


Just when my internet provider has busted me back to diallup aaaargh.

sorry to hear you’re having a break , but yeah , there are bigger issues and needs in life than internet forums.

I hardly ever get down your way but if/when I do i’ll come visit , are you in the 'book ?

All the best

Paul I love you!

This is how we can get surfboardbuilding in evolution. It’s sharing our ideas and methods. It’s like the opensource software idea.

Sharing what you know and others refine your ideas and share them too. This way everybody can has his influences and it’s not all done above our heads.

The industry will find their ways for massproduction anyway they have engineers and moulds.

Maybe some people won’t like you, but all the others certainly will!

Thanks Mr.Cannon

Nice to see that in action.

Thanks for all your help,

Take it easy,


I wish my surfing buddies would give me foot rubs.

Thanks for posting all this cool stuff, Paul

I saw lots of hits on YouTube – many people were probably downloading all those videos to keep for posterity…

no problems guys. it looks pretty primitive to me after some development. but the ideas will get you there if you mix it with the begginers guide published on compsand.com. and the basis is there for major mass production. but for me i think the more backyarders and small business that can have this in the aresenal the better for them

I really appreciate your posting these videos. I am not aware of the politics behind this whole situation but get the sense that, as politics usually are, they are rather unnecessary and ridiculous. I’d love to see more of your boards after watching the compi vids; I’ll search through the archives a bit in hopes of some photos.

Best of luck to you, and I will be psyched if I manage to scrape together enough of a workspace to have more than a passing go at shaping. First chance I get you can believe I’ll be referring back to those vids and seeing about a source for balsa.

Thanks again!

um ive removed them sorry. if anyone want info feel free to contact me

sorry for who ever missed out.

it was only one day as i stated in my first post. sorry again

good luck everyone and remember you dont reall need surf supliers, or expensive tools its all from the hardware and hobby shop

you can get all of this information from the compsand site . its archived and easily accesible

most of it is in the begginers guide

go there and do some research and you will be building nice boards in no time

Nooooooo… too late! lol

Faq I missed it! :frowning:

I’ve got 'em safely stashed away, downloaded from youtube. Good resource to have! …and I will definitely check out the website. I haven’t looked at it yet.

Thanks again for a fantastic resource and contribution to the shaping/surfing world!


I’ve got 'em safely stashed away, downloaded from youtube. Good resource to have!

Same here :smiley:

Hey! I’d like to see those!

Can one of you guys re-post it or send me a link or email me the files or something?


I was thinking about that… trying to think what the best way might be to do it. I was considering setting them up as a torrent or something… I think they’d be too big to do direct email. 108 mb give or take. Never posted any vid on the web before in any way… But I don’t want to jeopardize Paul’s scene at all either if it’s any kind of concern of his that they not be on the 'net…

Of course we have to ask Paul.

I don’t know of course, but it seems like he just didn’t want to host it anymore.(Paul…correct me if I am wrong)

Setting up a torrent would be cool.

Lets see what Paul says and rock on from there.


. my argument is that it should be in the hands of domestic builders and backyarders so they can make a cost effective epoxy board without huge cost. build times are very resonable if you include blank construction. i will be rehosting this video on my new site and archive of all my info ive collected over the 4 years of building and developing this method. It is just one way to make a surfboard. and it doesnt cover everything (also i have far more refined it and designed a mass productionsystem). again i have to give credit to ROY STEWART who is first to publish this method publicly over 14 years ago, and it is a great gift to the boardbuilding community. it was only ignorance from those who refuse to admit his contributions and couldnt see past roys unusal designs and the fact that his core are made of wood. and also MIKE SABIN who introduced it to me almost 3 years ago.I would request that the video be kept amongst yourselves and not availabe for public download in order to protect my local business interests. If you can share it with a torrent, password via pm with email addres supplied and name and address.(perhaps one of you could host it and i could supply the password from my email. my email addres is in my profile.)This makes it personal and what i prefer for any dealings within this industry. If anyone is serious about setting up small scale production my consultancy fee is 3,000$nz plus airfare and food,I can sleep in a tent in backyard) large scale production my fee is $10,000nz .

hope that helps how i feel about it

my email is


Hey Paul, thanks for the reply. I’m not certain how to set up a torrent, tried one as a trial run just to see but I couldn’t seem to get it to work. But good call on the password. If people are interested I can keep trying to figure out how to get it going, or if someone else has the vids and already knows how to set up a torrent that would be good too. The trial run I set up just doesn’t show up anywhere, although it looks like it’s working fine on my computer. Anyways that’s for a different forum! …I’m also not certain of the password system but I’ll see if I can figure it out.

If there are many people interested they shoudl let me know and I’ll try harder; I know a few have PMed me soo…

If you want them, just PM me.

I have the video’s on a non-public server but I can make them public in just a few seconds.

I’ve shared the video’s already with a few people this way. I do not keep them public to respect Paul and for my data tranfer limit.

I can not make everybody happy, I have a transfer limit.

Keep in mind once it’s a Torrent you’ll lose control of it forever.

And eventually someone will post it in a zip file with the password.

Person-to-person is a better model from that perspective.