old G&S please tell me it's story

This board made it's way to the great lakes.

and is still used to catch waves in the fresh water.

can anyone tell me anything about it?

year? model? shaper? used in what conditions?

its 6' 11"  by 20"



Everything about it screams 1970.


No leash plug. FU box. Maybe 71-72?

Refresh my memory…When did that version of FU become common? The first board I recall having with that box was a Surfboards Hawaii I got in '71.


No leash plug. FU box. Maybe 71-72?

Refresh my memory...When did that version of FU become common?


In early 1970 I was using them @ Surf Systems, in Solana Beach.

thanks for the info.
do you think the board has any historical value?
would it be best to put it on a wall?
or is it best to keep having fun with it?

Just the fact that it has survived in such good shape, is ''historic'', eh?    If you could identify the shaper it might add some value.   But, on the wall, or in the water, whatever gives you pleasure is OK.

Is the nose ''beaked''? If it isn't, it's from around 70 or 71. If it is, more like 72-74.

That was a dark period in design, having the wp so far away from where you stand turned out to be a not-so-good idea.

I’m agreeing with everyone else on this one. Definitely '70 to '72. Hey MD, that wide point up there at 6" to 8" worked fine for hurtling along at Rincon and The Ranch. Forget beachbreak and windswell though. I was at Surf n Wear by early 72" … we carried them for awhile, and this looks like the pop out kind of mentality that G&S was doing. It’s my understanding they were blowing their own blanks, lots of glue lines and real uninspiring types of models.Overall impression was ‘cheap boards’ for masses. I’m sure there was still some beautiful custom work being done for guys in San Diego, but this wasn’t a particularly golden era for G&S by any means. 


Contact G&S with the serial number. They have indexed data.



hi dale !

thanks for the shots ...

  can you take a side-on shot , to show the rocker , rails , and foil , too , please ?

[and , was the bottom vee'd at all, or fairly flat ?]


 cheers !