old school 10' er oldy, wheels1, robbo. etc

Well it has finally been started.

10’x 16 1/2" nose x 23 1/2" x 15 3/4" tail x 3 1/4" thick. The wide point is 12" behind the mid point. The blank is a custom 10’ 4" Yater rocker from Surfblanks.

These photos show the board cut out , thined down and the rails started.

It will be glassed with double 10 oz volan on the deck. With a single 10 oz on the bottom. Using Vinylester resin for the lam. Filler coats and glossed with surfboard resin.

We are going to Crescent for the first week in November. Hope I will have it glassed by then.platty.

looking good platty. any photos of the fin you have in store for the board.

hey platty, looking awesome mate, be sure to take a little tent with you to crescent head so you camp on that babys nose!!!

can’t wait to see more pics.

hey Platty,

that is a beautiful template. it looks like that would be great for Crescent’s long walls.



We are going to Crescent for the first week in November. Hope I will have it glassed by then.

Glad your going then rather then the school holidays were they fill up crescent with a bunch of…s

mid week crescent (without school holidays) is excellent!

Hey Platty, that outline looks swwweeeeet.

Recently I purchased a board very similar to this. 10’ x 23 1/2" x 3 1/2" (Nose 17", tail 15" - narrow tail block). It takes more skill to get to the nose but it feels so good to be perched on such a little nose. You can really squeeze it into the pocket on the nose and just stand there - very stable. For me its gonna take a lot more practice.

One thing occured to me after making my last board. With so much Volan and how much resin it soaks up, the board didnt float as well as I had hoped. I used Black foam for ‘dent free’ from midgets so that added to the weight. So thats my learnings, but these sort of boards sit lower in the water anyway due to rail apex etc.

Sounds like Crescent will be the place to be.

Please keep posting, this is my kind of bag, baby!

A couple more photos of the profile and fin.

Oldy, the fin I am going to start with. It is 11" with a 9" base. It is the one I’m using in my 9"6"

Log boy, This blank is orange foam. Next density harder than the black. Yeh I’m quiet happy for this board to sit lower in the water. And go slower. It has a slight camber in the bottom. My old school 9’6" is flat and I think it does tend to out run the wave a bit. Also with a 19" nose it does not nose ride as well as I would like.platty.

I really like the look of that fin Platty. Practical. Solid. Simple. The shaped blank is looking good too: nice even curve through the foil, I think it will definitely ensure you can hang tight in the pocket. And I agree, nothing wrong with having the board sitting a little lower in the water: more water being pulled over the deck while on the nose should equate to longer noserides deeper in the curl.

Thanks for sharing the photos of the evolution of your board with us.

Hey platty, I just saw your post (been at North Haven - Port Macquarie catching a few sly waves!!) nice outline mate. Will the Volan glass job combined with your cambered bottom slow the board down enough? As you said, flat bottoms tend to move too quick. What will be your rail design? 50/50 to turned down near the tail or 50/50 right through? Single fin I hope?!! Keep us posted? Just as an aside I weighed the balsa the other day - 16 kg so not too bad. Currently working on another project - 70’s single fin Carabine resto - killing me!!

Hey Wheels. 16 kg that’s good my balsa weighs in at 25kg. It is going to be 50/50 all the way and a single fin. I hope the camber in the bottom will slow it down a bit. It also has a bit more rocker than my 9’6". That will slow it a bit also I think.

I was hoping to have it ready for a trip to Crescent in 2 weeks. But I think that is now a bit optomistic.platty.

You can always take that 25kg balsa with you instead!! Seriously tho, you’ve only got 1-2 hours shaping left before glassing? You should be able to make it tho the curing time might be cut a bit short!!

A quick update. Shaping was finished yesterday (Friday). Around 8 to 9 hrs work. The shaper is a close friend. He has been in the industry since the late 60’s. This is the first 10’er he has shaped. I’m happy, and he is happy with it.

A couple of photos of the glassing. First lams on deck and bottom today. Second on deck tomorrow and filler coats (hotcoats).platty.

Looking good platty, I reckon at the current rate you “should” be right to take it away with you, baring any incidents!


Finished it over the weekend. platty

Stunning Platty!

…will you be taking it to crescent now?

Hey Platty,

Thats a great looking board.

I can see the board coming from behind the whitewash into trim in the most critical part of the wave, with you on the tip.

That board came together so fast!! or so it seemed.

hey Platty,

that is an absolute cracker of a board, it looks great.

very inspirational.

Nice. Nice. Nice. My kind of longboard. Here comes summer. Enjoy!

Hey that’s nice platty! Pretty hips too.

That would make a fantastic summer board for me. If you get sick of it I can PM you my postal address :wink:


great work platty, now you can play!

we all look forward to hearing feedback about how the combination of template, rocker, rail, foil & fin affect how she trims, turns & especially noserides.

enjoy mate.