Ole Bumble Bee question

Is anyone familar with Ole’s boards, in particular the bumble bee? I found one with a 2 + 1 set-up and a sweet outline, but at 9’4" with a 19 1/2" nose and 23 1/2" wide I’m thinking how easily will this beauty turn? I don’t normally longboard so these numbers seem like a lot to me. I was hoping for some rider info. before I dig deep into the pockets and get the board. The craftmanships look A+!!

Hi Chockie,

Just curious, does the board have “Bumble Bee” on it anywhere? The reason I ask is that, of the Bumble Bee’s I have seen and the one I own, they have all been single fin’s.

Regardless of the fin set-up, if the board is an Ole, I believe that you should have no qualm’s about the board in the turning department. In my humble opinion, Bob makes great board’s and you will be happy with anything he has shaped.

Where is the board located?

Howzit Puamana, Having been a friend of Ole’s before he moved to Maui I think I can say that the original Bumble Bees didn’t have a sticker. They got the name because of the yellow color and it went from there. I always call him an old sandcrab.Aloha,Kokua

Howzit Kokua?

I agree that the first Bumble Bee model’s from Bob did not have a sticker. Thought there might be something written on the stringer designating the board as a Bumble Bee. Know Bob since he moved to Maui, and his shop in the old Lahaina Cannery. I may be incorrect, but thought he came up with the Bumble Bee here on Maui, with the input of Albert Jenks, and other’s. I do not recall seeing them as anything but a single fin. Have you ever seen one with more than a single fin? In the recent past, Bob has been, or was, putting a small “Bumble Bee” lamiinate on the bottom, in front of the fin box.

Wow, knowing Bob before he moved on Island, and my knowing him since, we are both giving away our age.

Howzit Puamana, I think other than Albert who is also a good friend, Jeff Coleman probably had a hand in the input of the making of the Bumble Bee model. Talk about a couple of characters, how are Albert and Jeff these days, probably sitting around having a few cool ones. Aloha,Kokua

Howzit Kokua,

Yes, Jeff Coleman did have input into the Bumble Bee design.

Albert, a character? That is an understatement to say the least. Still an amazing Surfer to watch at Mala.

Have to say, Ole’s Bumble Bee is one of my all time single fin Longboard’s.

Howzit Puamana, Have known Jeff since early 70’s and met Albert when he moved to Kauai. Took me years to figure out if he was a goofy foot or regular since you couldn’t tell. One of the best surfers I ever seen. Next time you see them tell them Wildog says High. Also tell Ole Mike Williams says Hi you old sand crab.Aloha,Kokua

I’m at work right now so I can’t look at the stringer, but I don’t remember seeing the words bumble bee or a pic. on the board. There is a logo on the tail for Gott glassing. I just assumed it was a bumble bee because of the wide nose and outline. I might be totally wrong.

I’m Berlin, Maryland…right outside Ocean City.

The Gott Glassing is the laminate for the glass shop that does all of Bob’s work. Formerly, it was Timpone’s, but he sold it to the guy’s doing his glass work. Located in the Haiku Cannery, next door to the infamous Rocking Chair Ding Repair (Plug for Gramp’s).

FInding an Ole in good condition on the East Coast would be a find, and I think you should give it serious consideration.

If it is at a particular shop in OC MD and is all white and slightly less than 3" thick, then I don’t think it has a Bumblebee laminate on it. Nevertheless, the outline is similar to my Bumblebees, which are singlefin, and my Ole 2+1, which maneuvers perfectly. I am a big fan of Bob’s boards and have a growing quiver of them.

I think my friend Brian from Maryland is the seller, yeah? Not a Bumblebee, but a great board, as all Oles are. On the 2+1, the tail rocker is a smoother curve up from the thickest point, while the B’bees have a longer sweet spot and the rocker increases later through the tail end. I have one myself (single fin, not a Bumblebee, cruiser log) and am working on getting another.

I’ve been stopping in to say hi to Bob every time I’m on Island, for probably 10 years now. Super guy, encyclopedic memory. Always worth a visit. Remember to buy a couple t-shirts (cash only) - that’s his retirement fund :wink:

I love me them Ole’s. BMG I love seeing the sweet wood laminate that he does like on your 9’2"

Hey Ben! Brian here! Haven’t seen ya over at that longboard forum as much lately. I hope it is just because you are busy and not because the negative vibe that seems to be flaring up more of late. Anyway, that 9.4 Ole 2+1 I was selling…I ended up trading for another board that filled an empty spot in my quiver - an epoxy 8’ Velzy egg single fin, probably shaped by Ricky Carroll. The board Chockie is looking at is either the board I traded away or another one that is in a surf shop in Ocean City, MD that I have taken down off the racks and fondled on several occassions.

When I initially responded, I couldn’t have imagined the person I traded the 9.4 would want to part with it so quickly. My 9.6 Ole 2+1 is one of my favs. I was surfing it pretty much exclusively for several months late last year until I acquired a 9.8 Jim Phillips that now has my undivided attention…until my next Jim Phillips order arrives. Hey surfore, that 9.8 S-stringer is truly an awesome board!

Howdy Brian :wink:

Yep, monster busy at work these days. Glad to hear you’re not parting with your 9’6!


Yep, got to love them Ole’s.

I, also, think the wood laminate’s Bob does are classic. The only thing is, Bob doesn’t like doing them. I had to do some talking to get him to promise to put one on my next board. So, let’s keep them secret. :slight_smile:

Won’t part with my 9.6 2+1 or my 4 other Ole single fins. :slight_smile:

Well, I got home and looked at the picture of the board and I don’t see any bumble bee mentioned on the stringer. Either way it is sounding like the board is going to turn great regardless of the width. Sweet!

The board is in NC, but if the shop bmg is talking about is Blair’s shop I’ll have to check the racks again for an Ole. Last time I checked their longboard rack it was full of Walden’s, Harbours, and Taks…no Ole’s. I’d rather buy local if possible. Thanks for the heads-up.


I wasn’t specific about the shop because I didn’t want to focus attention on the place in case you were contemplating a specific board in the racks that you were hoping was still there when you made your decision. Blair is the man when it comes to Ole’s in the mid-Atlantic. I am pretty sure he has an order of customs in right now, so you may have the opportunity to piggyback on it and get exactly what you want. Good luck!