On contacting Paul Jensen

Paul I was trying to contact you regarding some basic design questions, but your email doesn’t seem to be connecting. Is there another address I can use? -cjs

If it is about building a hollow, please share here. I plan to build a hollow this spring/summer. I’ll base my construction on what I read on Paul’s site http://www.hollowsurfboards.com/ thanks --4est

Im in the proccess of building a hollow, following the jensen’s directions. the only difficulties i have found are, first the lack of the appropriate materials. and 2nd, the lack of a surfboard to copy its dimensions and make my own, so i had to invented it, and it doesn’t look bad at all. it’s planed to be a 7’2’'. if there is anything i can help, I’ll be glad to. jack

My only e-mail address is If that won’t work, just put your question here… Paul http://www.hollowsurfboards.com

I was trying to learn more about NWSC, and the link hasn’t been connecting. Is there a new site? My reason for the inquiry comes from my recent research on building a shaping room. In the Swaylocks resources one particular response was from Rob Brown, and he mentioned you had helped him with his shaping room’s light boxes. He provided a link to show the room, but it does not “go.” Any ideas? I’d like to see this shaping room. Or any for that matter. -cjs PS I am interested in a copy of the Steve Lis Fish design. What will you need from me?

Rob Brown isn’t in the PNW these days…I think he’s still teaching a shaping / glassing class…Occasionally he shows up here on Swaylocks…I’m not sure what happened with the shaping room… Re: “Surfboard Design & Construction” with the Lis designs… e-mail me – http://www.hollowsurfboards.com