" one day " ...also a first time shaping a 'gun' ...

okay , so a friend had a 7’er [from the '70s] I liked the look of …

[ And at present , I have an 8’ blank .]

He did this asp3000 thingy for me , when I gave him some measurements , just to be able to see what it would look like ! [thank you “anonymous friend”…you can ‘chip’ in [hahaha] here if you want to reveal your identity !]


So, I was just wondering what people thought of the outline ?

I’ll never charge macking 10-15’ North Point or Margarets or Bells on it …it’s just for 6’ and a bit more [overhead by a foot or two perhaps] waves. [ I know …I know…say what you will , whatever !!]

The wave faces here are pretty choppy when winter comes …either howling offshores , or sideshore [mostly sou-sou’westers in winter] …and often backwashy to boot ! […sounds fun eh ?!] Beachbreak stuff , mainly , but it gets hollow and thick in winter . [I have videos]

I was thinking a fairly flat bottom , maybe a LITTLE double concave… or, vee maybe ?

Again , I will put in a 12" finbox , and possibly a couple of side plugs at a later date …

Rocker , rails , width, fin[s] placement suggestions much appreciated . Thanks !

[This will be the longest narrow board I have ever ridden , by about a foot . At the moment , I fluctuate between mainly the 6’5 bonzer bottom , and the 5’7 “stubbie”. ]

In winters past , I have ridden my 7’ single fin .

I am around 5'10 and 145 lbs ... think , Rob Machado's size . [but not a goofyfooter ] 

    any input much appreciated !  [ And , any other aps sketches in this 8' x 19"-20" range WELCOMED, also ...] 

      ....thanks ! 


p.s. - if I didn’t want it to be such a ‘double ender’ , I’d definately put a wing in it , and perhaps round the nose [and / or tail] a tad …

So, where do you guys with winged pintail guns place your wings, mainly ? how far up from the tail tip ? … does between 4 - about (max) 10" sound a reasonable sort of range ? [I’m not thinking “moonrocket” , or ‘stinger’ …yet ! ]


[thank you “anonymous friend”…you can ‘chip’ in [hahaha] here if you want to reveal your identity !] [strike]

[/strike] [strike][/strike] [strike]OK, let’s drop the mask: I am LOB…[/strike]

You could do that or maybe a double wing thinner version of your 7ft single with shallow double concaves and a 10 finbox with 4 fcs side fins…?

Or maybe a scalled version of some of Tery Fitz sunset board?

Just seems like you could do some cool freaky things with that blank…

or maybe a ‘fangtail’

crap, i’m going freeky tonight!?


Like this with 2 wings and 6 fcs plugs with a back finbox.

The original dimensions for this are…


2 7/8"



Turns out to be…

ignore the crappy illustrations of the wings and fin system.


[thank you “anonymous friend”…you can ‘chip’ in [hahaha] here if you want to reveal your identity !] [strike]

[/strike][strike][/strike][strike]OK, let’s drop the mask: I am LOB…[/strike]

cool …how do you get the lines through YOUR posts ??

…you must REALLY be me !

Josh , is that from a hot buttered web or something …do they have 8’ers illustrated , too ?

what is the website address , please ?

Hey chip, check out www.hotbuttered.com then go to the international site and click surfboards then click the rainbow or original range. lots of nice boards…

heres the aps/paint description of it…

cool …how do you get the lines through YOUR posts ??

…you must REALLY be me !

…or was it infectious?

well , thanks Josh for the terry fitz site !!

I think THIS pretty closely approximates what I’m thinking of with a winged pin single fin.

Now, if we can just figure the nose , tail and widepoint placement measurements , plus rocker …



Chip , I will try and post tommorrow some photo’s of my 7’0 x20 x2 3/4. It goes good in the waves you talk about. around 4 to 6. I am a big guy 95kg and it works for me . If I can’t post Iwill pm. ok

rocker is the critical feature distinguishing a gun from a shortboard…plenty of it, plenty of tail kick. On an 8 fter, it’d be like 2.75-3 inches rear rocker, mostly in the kick, tune it down to 2.5-2.75 inches on a 7 fter. And 6 inches front rocker. Pearling taken out of the equation by choice of rocker, drop in later with confidence.

Bottom contour - in mush use reverse Vee, about 1/8th inch. If it is cleaner and you like to throw a rail hard into a turn, concaves become more desireable.

Rails low and hard. Wide point close to centered, or slightly forward.

Chippy no photo’s of my 7’0 but here is a 7’6 that I did last year it is 20 and a half wide by 2& 3/4 and goes to bali at the end of the month. the guy that rides it is 55. It has a double concave and the wide point is 1inch back from centre

Except for Pandanus’s, all the rest are stupid too narrow noses and tail which don’t do anything except stiffen the ride…same for the tails.

Your outlines would paddle worse than any 6’ tri fin, since it’s gonna have less volume overall.

Just what you want in barely overhead, a slow paddling sinky board that rides stiff, takes off late, and so long it pearls.

Hope hese turn out the $20 digital camera we got off ebay isn’t the greatest(ypu only get $20 worth. anyway 7’0 x20x2&3/4


Okay… thanks, people , for your suggestions so far ! …Any thoughts on wing placement on an 8’er, please ? Does somewhere between 4-10" from the tail’s point sound in the ballpark ? … ANYONE here ride a winged pintail single fin at all [in the 7’6 - 8’2 range ?] …If so , I’d be keen to hear and see the wing measurement[s] … Thanks for any help ! ben

For wings .I reackon , work out were your front fins are going and put the wing an inch or so from rear of front fin. in the case of a single . about 14 inches up , that way the tail wont be ultra pinny.

8’ single fin semi gun, which I’ve had maybe 6 of, E wing around 14-20" from tip of roundpin tail, depending where your WPoint is, how snappy you want, and where you want a little pivot to start.

Tris as recommended, needing to be much further back than single finners.

WPoints more forward, wings more forward, of course.

WPoints 4" back of center, wing around 14" is loose and positive, a truly wierd combo, but great for big, fast waves.

thanks Lee and panny …I was WAY off , wasn’t I ? [guess I’m still thinking in 6-6’10 placings, or something?]

I’m glad I asked , then !