one more HWS

The purpose of this board: To see how cheap and easy can I build a hws. All materials were purchased at home depot. Tools: Utility knife, hotwire, pencil, ruler and that’s it.

Wanted to practice some hotwiring and gorilla gluing, so the 98% of the board’s frame is eps.

first I sandwiched a rocker profile: 1/8 plywwod // 2x1" eps // 1/8 plywood, to act as a gluing gig for top and botom skins.

Then glued ribs and inner rails, this to provide a gluing surface to the domed deck.

More pics to come…

Inner rails were cut bigger than needed, to adjust them to deisred thickness once they were glued.

Go Jack!

Whats the tally so far then?

How you doing the rails? Cork and ply?

Keep them coming mate.

here’s one for inspiration

made from totally recycled epoxy glassed cardboard

CNC cut pieces using a small 1’x2’ CNC router machine.

kind of like building a giant model balsa airplane wing

built and surfed

the rails are gonna be plywood-eps-plywood (cork is expensive here). I’m building them with 2 layers of wood, one of 1/4" eps, and 2 more of wood, to end with 3/4" of rail material. hope thats enough to shape them.

some more pics…

and more…