Only one small competitor allowed?

Maybe the real competition should be between materials (EPS vs. “polyClarkafoam”) instead of between a bunch of guys trying to do the same thing with the same stuff. Clark was shut down for a reason - the stuff’s bad for the health of people and the environment. When the EPS foams become better, which they are and will continue to become, you’ll have real competition in the industry. That means prices go down, boards become better, and surfing continues to evolve.

I think a lot of people are going to attempt to do foam…the damn market is wide open and this is the fountain of capitalism. I know first hand that a group of long time surfers/industry guys have put together a partnership with Aussie foam maker Bennett and are already outfitting their factory in Ensenada.

Good…the point is to clean up our act, as it is no secret that surfing equipement manufacturers need to be responsible for their actions, and without responsible manufacturing and pollution control measures, foam and resin will continue to be a black eye on our sport and our business. I believe, as a communiy of surfers and shapers, manufacturers must either comply with emissions standards or we have to collectively tell them, “we don’t want you in the business.” Newer, better technology is available for the cleanER production of foam, and that’s what we need to encourage with both our voices and choices.

Clark Foam was using TDIs. The foam being used is MDIs. It’s not the same and won’t cause so much controversy

what are you a kook. you don’t even know what materials we are using. until you can say something other than what you heard someone say. eps expanded piles of shit. we are smart enough to create a poly foam you can do anything with epoxy or fiberglass. what have you done? besides talk shit

here’s a thought, what kind of foam did clark use? it wasn’t called poly clark foam

don’t talk shit if you don’t have a clue? I feed my family on the foam you talk shit about. I don’t use eps for anything.

hay pete you are probobally a kook. do you even surf? Yeah thats it buy it all from china so kook pete and his kook sea shell shop can finally get boards and capitolize. No I doubt that will happen!!!

The american surf industry needs to stay in america. screw china, brazil and anyone else that is not american. these are not toys. YOur comments have pissed me off , if you lived close I’d come kick your kook ass my self.