opinion needed on dementions for board im shaping

ive been looking into shaping a shortboard and need an opinion other then my own. probably 6’4x11"x19 1/4"x15"x2 3/4" or a 6’4x13"x19 3/4"x14 3/4"x2 13/20". still rocker, vees and concaves, ect. to take into consideration. im not a short nor a twiggy thin guy, im 17, 6’2 and 215 pounds with most of that muscle

ive been riding a 5’11x22x2 3/4 fish in 2 to 6+(depending on what the shape of the wave is, i’ve taken a fish out in bigger trestles and be fine…call me cazy if you want). anywho ive been surfing that for almost 2 years now. the board is nice but a fish does have its limitations, in which im looking to further progress my surfing by more sharper, radical turns, learning to air, ect. here and there ill take out a 7’2" JC equalizer which only seems to work for me fine on overhead days other then that it feels like its too long for me…anyones input? if any wondering the boards ive shaped is are mostly for my dad and a couple friends i only have three boards for me, a 7’10x20"x3 for days i feel like screwing around “7’0x19 3/4"x2 14/16” which still feels like too much foam under me and a 5’10x 22x 2 3/4 fish as a replacement for my other fish

oh yeah i can stand up on my best bros 5’10x19"x dont know thickness shortboard most of the time. even though i dont get very far with it, i was just wondering if that would help any

thanks in advance

Too wide for a prostandard board for someone your size…With only three boards shaped, I wouldn’t quite delve into a balls-to-the wall hi-preformance prostandard board yet…

But, I would go with - 12"N X 18 1/2" X 15"T X 2 1/4, keep the nose rocker low, not fish low, but low for a hi-performance board, it’ll aceletare quicker, say 4-5"? with some kick in the tail for tighter radious turns, light single all the way through…KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid)

Board based on what my 6’4 220 pound friend rides.


at 6’2" 215lbs, you should be able to crank that 7’2". I’ll say this once because I sound like a broken record on this topic. Look at some of my posts on bigger boards because, I am you in the future…as long as you don’t go cheese burger on me and put 50 more pounds on. Learn to surf that 7’2 like a 6’2"…7’2" and you is a good fit. But then there are those who disagree with me…those are usually the under the age of 25. I at 25 would have disagreed too.

hint: you;ll never be able to surf 6’2" boards like your dimenutive friends, and don’t let those little troll’s of friends tell you that you can. You might be able to pull it off in Hawaii, or Indo…but not in So Cal. So here it is. 7’0"-7’2" x 19 3/5-20 1/4 x 2 5/8. U probably have size 12-13 feet too? Think about that and how much presure you can put on that outside rail? All your buddies are size 8.5-9.0, You don’t need a 18 in board, you fricking toes will hang over the rail…apeman.

hint 2: you still 30 lbs heavier and 5 inches bigger than any ranking pro on the circut. So what does that say about what you should be surfing? Look at the equalized volume for your size, not what’s in vogue. Look at the line up, look at who’s sinking, and who is catching the most waves and ripping. Now look at where you sink? I bet you sit up to your neck in water, when the other guys are just to there underarms? Me personally i like the top of my belly button to nippies underwater.

hint 3: sometimes big things don’t fit into small places? Wait for your days surfing, curse the bad ones, enjoy the good ones. When it’s bigger, you’ll be the guy comfortable on the bigger board, getting all the waves. I don’t really see you surfing a “waste” high wave, generating all this speed, and busting an air…your not light enough to skate across the wave. Make your surfing style something different? Big huge full rail bottom turns, big gouging cutbacks??? those should be easy for your size.

ok I’m done.

…2 abd 13/20"…2 and 14/16th’s?

and Resin Head, 2 and 3/5ths?

Where R U guys getting these measurements.? You mean 2 and 7/8ths?

Us shaper guys generally speak in eighths and sixteenths…I’m having difficulty here…next thing I know you’ll go metric on me! Whic actually would be better.

RH is right though as far as being realistic by looking in the mirror…y U R a big guy and the reality is you gotta catch 'em to ride 'em. Who wants to be sinking all the time?

Still, let’s back track a smidge…wider boards are drivier…I’m not saying wide like your fish…if you want to surf flat, that’s your decision…I think you should try surfing in the third dimension though.

The guy mentioning the pro board dims did hit on one thing…wider tail.

I also don’t think you are necessarily stuck at 7’2" or any specific length per se.

With the right rocker you can have a “long 7’2” or a “short” 7’2"…you can have a long 6’8" or a short 6’8"…get it?

If bouyancy is a concern, then swith materials…go EPS/epoxy may 1.2 lb density or 1.7 lb. and glass the board light with extra cloth on the rail so t doesn’t snap. You could make a high performance 6’8"x11-5/8"x19-5/8"x14-5/8"(+) with a nice full curvy outline that could turn until the cows come home. Keep the nose rocker 3/8" @ 24" back from the nose. Opt for a slight vee in the tip of the nose first 4" transitioning into a slight (1/8") single concave chest and mid section thru to fin cluster and flat out the tail r a skosh vee at tail if you want. You don’t really need the vee in the tail though because you’re a big boy and you’ll put this board over on its rail anyway.

Give yourself a tucked forgiving rail in the front and a vertical squarish rail in the tail (last 10+"). Make the tail rails hard and sharp for release and get up and go. Think: “water doesn’t stick to a 2x4”. You can have a square tail rail and vee or crown the tail deck however you like. Think quadrangle cross section.

Hide some foam in the center and thin out those rails. Envision a diamond shape of volume giving you thin where you need it and float where you don’t. I call it DVD (Diamond Volume Distribution) and had these little logos made up years ago…it works.

Most of all, have fun, give a beginner a wave now and then, put yourself in their place.

What you don’t do measurements like me??? I got a special chineese tape measure too!. it does 4/8ths, 2/16ths, and my favorite 2/8ths which is not the same as 4/16ths no matter what you say. It’s special, it’s criptic, and it’s all mine, and you can’t see it…never,…ever…nope!

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Aint n big thang brutha.

Eyez jus a shaper!

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Head of resin

Wow, small world…I stopped off there on my way to Transylvania (annual family get together with the rest of the bloodsuckers).


6’6" x 19 1/4" x 2 3/8" 12" nose and a 14 1/2 tail with single concave 1/8" at the center to 1/4" between the front fins. Wide point 1" back from center.

Make it a thuster back fin 3 5/8" back dot. 11 1/4 front fin dot. Make it a thumb nail. This would work well for a guy your size at lowers.

This board design is for performance.

ibsurfer: While most of the replies you have received so far sound good it still comes down to your abilities and wave conditions. I am 6’4" and 215 lbs. My boards range from 5’2" to 6’9" and they all work for me in So Cal depending on the surf height and push. The best suggestion I can give is to try as many of your friends board’s and find out first hand what works for you or you can just give up and go thick/wide/long like most middle-aged shortboarders in So Cal.

hey thanks for all the help guys. ive tried all my friends boards lately everything from 5’6" fishes just for the hell of it to see how i do, all the way to 6’6". and about that 2 13/20ths thing its a ruler i have here with three sides…i think its for engineering, ill work on finding another measuring system for you guys to figure out haha.

now i have another question in which i dont know if this has been talked about before…what about the rocker at the nose and tail? medium entry, low entry? which one would be best for someone my size? (keep it simple for me, i know the whole 3/8 at X-inches, blah, blah. but there still alot im trying to take and absorb into my brain)

The original question was for an opinion on “dementions” so I guess that ebonic replies were in order. There are many opinions on my dementions.