Original Surfboard Kit

Swell.com has an ad for a funny little thing called the “Original Surfboard Kit.” The kit comes in a little bag and includes 3 mini foam blanks, cutting tools, stickers, paintbrush, traction, Suncure resin, and sandpaper. Sounds like a good Christmas gag gift for a shaper or maybe practice for their kids??? Haha!

I would like to know the supplier or the manufactor of this product, does anybody know?

Are you talking about the Original surfboard kit from swell.com? It comes with three little banks and some other stuff (it’s like $16.00). Or are you talking about a kit to make a real board? The Surfers Aus. site below has one, but is very expensive. You would be better off just looking at the contents and getting them yourself. I know somebody has posted a list of tools for shaping. It is like anything else, you can go all out, or just get the basics. If you buy a close tolerance blank, you can get by with very little in the way of tools. I’m sure when you decide on what you want to make, you will get a lot of great info. from this site. http://www.shapersaustralia.com/category17_1.htm

On East Coast WRV sells them. http://www.geocities.com/Pipeline/Halfpipe/9483/boardkit.html -Rob

Paul There is no such thing as real full kit. The surfboard material supply stores can provide you with building materials, tools and instructional materials(books and videos). See the resources section of Swaylocks. The main missing componenet is templates. I suggest that you first get the videos / books to see the process of building a board before you do anything. If you are still interested after that, find a board you like to ride and make templates off of it. Match the rocker line and blank size to make shaping easier. You will need an open air place to glass, nasty fumes. Anthony>>> I would like to know the supplier or the manufactor of this product, does > anybody know? http://www.viser.net/~anthwind/

If you’re talking about the mini surfboards, here’s the website… http://www.surfboardkit.com