OT, need a hotel recommendation for the Thrailkill Event

Hey. I’m coming over for the big event. Can anyone recommend a decent hotel not too far from the beach? Maybe between Cardiff and San Clemente? I’ll have a rental car. I’m coming in Thursday night hoping to get in the water on Friday, attend the confab on Saturday and then surf Sunday morning before flying back to FL.


San clemente

the usual hotels are there

reserve via internet

do you know any little mom and pop places?

sorry I dont hang there much, mostly pass through to and from San O

There are tons of commercial motels around the neighborhood… some are very quant even though they are Best Westerns or whatever. I don’t know of any mom and pops. If you’re on the bold side you can get the best rates by just showing up and driving around until you find something you like… go into the office and ask for their “late night walk-in super discount rate” and see what price they give you… after that, flutter your eyelashes, give them a knowing look, then see if they lower it some more. The Best Western on PCH in Dana Point cost me around $89 per night last week. There’s a Clolony Inn (I think that’s what it’s called) within sight of the SHF. Last time I stayed there I payed about $65 per night. Not toms of personality but clean, cheap, and close to everything… without the beach view prices.


You might post the question to the SHF, and see if they have any recommendations.


You’re welcome to use my couch. Only, you’ll have to get up early and drive 450 miles. You might look at some of the camp grounds,too. Or, rent a van, find a quiet street, hop in the back and go to sleep. For what it’s worth. I met and surfed with Greg Tate about a week ago. Met his lovely wife,too. He seems like a good, honorable man to me. Although my first sentence was ‘tongue in cheek’ Greg is and would be welcome to stay in my house. Hint, hint. Mike

Hey, thx Mike and others. Got a hotel now. Anyone want to PM me with a board to loan?