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All right, so as was implied in the subject line, this is mostly off topic of board design. But not totally off topic on surfing. You see, right now I am a young, single journeyman electrician and college electrical instructor in Canada. But I live a few hours away from the nearest decent waves, and I am getting bored with the work I have been doing now for the last five years. To put it bluntly, I am looking to move away to some warm place with sweet waves. But I can’t afford to be a bum, and so I will be working wherever I go and just surfing the evenings and weekends like the rest of you regular folk. So if anyone knows about anyone looking for highly skilled and qualified electricians, please put me in contact with them, and I can get them resumes and all that sort of stuff. I have not applied for a working visa, but will as soon as I find a job worth taking.

Thanks a lot. Joel Feenstra

Check the NZ govt website about skilled immigrant visas etc. They have lists of what and where jobs are I think

pays are very low in nz as is the value of the dollar

dont expect anything great

theres always fruit picking

there is a shitload of work for all qualified tradesmen here in Hawaii, but remember the paradise tax (38% higher cost of living).

On the Big Island, many people who work in Kona are living across the island - thats 150 or so miles away. From the mainland this may not cause alarm, but remember too we have the highest gas prices in the country, most of the time. Housing is and will continue to be very hard to find, at rates that make sense for many working stiffs.

But there’s so much work in Kona that a qualified known tradesman works entirely under that table and rakes it in pretty well. Until he has to sleep, 150 miles away. My brother is a pool contractor in Kona, and has to deal with the situation on a daily basis. It can be very hard to get good workers to show up - they go where ever the best money is THAT DAY, and every day it’s different, if they want to work two days in a row, which many seem to not.

The money of course brings in all the other elements of fast life, marginal lifestyles, drugs, ripoffs, and little certainty in the future. Be very careful of your “friends” they could be just a little faster than you. And women? aaaahhhhh, they’ve been there, done that, got the tshirt, got the video, got the tattoo, got the …

Too, Big Island surf can be crowded, there are relatively few breaks, and a coast haole can get in trouble fairly quickly. Y’all watch yerself, and behave, okay? If you’re thinking of dropping by, have a two-way ticket; a place to stay, and some contacts.

Validation: I grew up there.

Perth is experiencing one of the biggest growth in infrastructure in over 20 years. Companies are screaming out for tradesmen with your skills…

Check out www.seek.com.au and see for yourself…

Perths a really nice place to live too, the remotest capital city in the world…with Margaret River only 2 hours south…need I say more…

Hullo Charlie… Thanks for the advice. I figured that the living costs would be higher out there, and so hearing that from you is no surprise. And I heard that Hawaii pays well too. As far as marginal lifestyles go, I am a straight edger. No drugs, no drinking, no smoking. My drug of choice is adrenaline, and I love a new risk. And surfwise, I figure that I will always be the ousider in the lineup, but repect and patience will get you a few waves no doubt. If not, just move on again. I am only looking to live and work for a year or so, just for the experience and because I am so restless and feel like doing some travels again. As far as qualifications go, I don’t have an American ticket, but I am full journeyman status here in Canada. In the last year of my apprenticeship, I won the trades contests provincially and nationally, and was ranked as the top apprentice electrician in Canada, so that should at least help ease any employers worries. Really I am looking to work at the same job again, just in a different interesting place. So I’ll see what comes up, and once again thanks for your advice.

Joel Feenstra