Outline & Thickness Opinions Please (pink xps project)

OK… so this is my first time trying this out, and i have been shaping a 6.4, 21" rocket (will be) quad. I based the shape off a Patterson rocket fish and a merrick quad. Board is about 2.75 thick through the midsection, and the tail is about 1 3/4 thick at the tips. Rails are ~60/4O gradually tapering until the bumps where they go sharp.

I want this board to go in weak stuff… summery beach slop and mushy point surf. I’m 6.4" and 200, and wanted something that would be a more even drive than my normal twin or my wide-tailed fish. I figured the thick tail would help float the crap sections, while it being pulled in would help move it from rail to rail… or am I simply off my rocker. (sorry, pun intended.)

That bird’s got wings only a mother could love–with a pink project’s pricepoint, I’d start over–makes me want to try them wings and see how hard they are.

Got a PDF of your planshape?

Also you need a straight-on shot if you want serious outline feedback, like stand it against a wall and step back 15 feet, but I can see those wangs.

Build some stands too. So much easier to sand everything. Not hard to build.

Welcome, BTW

(EDIT: actually, I was looking some more, and I think you might be able to cut them off–cut straight from the rail at the 17" mark back to the tail corners, for a Flyer outline. Go look at one at your local shop. Good board for that kind of surf, and you should have gone for a simpler outline for your first anyway–I think that’s the way–can’t really see what you’ve really got on your outline or dims, so it’s a guess…)

Those winge are copied exactly from a Timmy Patterson I have that goes really well. Why should I ditch them?

I’m moving in a couple months and figured I would build stands at the new house. I’m 6.4, so the stand really wasn’t too bad.

Keep the wings. I think they look rad! :slight_smile: Glass that baby. -Carl

Just trying to help.

Mike, if you feel like it, throw down something soft to cushion it, stand the thing against a wall and back up to take a pic of the bottom, top, and profile–if not, mokay.


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Keep the wings. I think they look rad! :slight_smile: Glass that baby. -Carl