Padang hit with big Quake, Mentawais launch base destroyed

Rumours that the Sumatran Surf Surfariis hotel, Batang Arau, in Padang badly damaged maybe leveled.


News hard to come by as communications cut, hope no injuries to Scuz, staff or guests or any other surfers in area.


No Tsunami as close to shore in shallow water. But major building collapse, rumoured over 1000 dead.


Islands not hit, boats are apparently safe.

Fingers crossed for those over there, it is a volatile quake zone.

Rocky (no pun intended this tragic time)

Holy crap. I was there last summer. The coolest people. We stayed for an afternoon before we went out on the MV Addiction. They were so nice and helpful. And they have some killer authentic Indonesian blankets, clothing, bowls, and a whole bunch of stuff to buy there in the lobby. Good food too. I became friends with the Captain/Owner and his wife of the Addiction. I called her, turns out when she is not in Indo, she is close to where I live. I left a message, I sure hope everybody is okay. I just looked at the schedule for the boat. It shows it comes into Padang on the October 1st and goes out again on the 3rd. Today is the 1st here in the states, I can’t remember the time and day changes between here and there. Prayers go out to everybody over there. Once I here anything I will post. 


yeah news is things really bad as far as destruction of Padang goes. Hospital flattened, many surfers stranded as the airport is in chaos so those returning on boats will face real problems getting out. reports that Scuz, who runs one of the most popular charters was on land at the time and was in contact with his mum just as it hit but then not heard from. Hope to hell he is safe along with his team and surfers.

Population of Padang nearly one million, at least one thousand dead and huge numbers missing under rumble.

Anyone  got any news as this will affect the surfing community big time as it is also the base for Surf Aid which doing so much fantastic work in Mentawais.


I think that Eric should be ok. I haven’t heard from him yet,
but he was at sea during the tsunami before and did ok. Thanks
for the heads up on the wife & kid, glad they are here rather than
there. The apartment might be in shambles, it wasn’t too far away
from the Ambacang Hotel which apparently colapsed. Please post
up when you know something as will I. A great guy and a great

Surfteach and everybody,

   I spoke with Erics’ father in law. He said that the whole family is fine. They were out on a trip with some surfers at the time of the quake. He said that Eric said the boat shook for what seemed like forever. Eric also said that they don’t know when or even worse, where they are going to come in at. That little bay where the boat comes in and out of is destroyed, and to make matters worse, that road that takes you to and from the boat from the hotel, has rock slides blocking the road, parts of the road missing, everything. And I heard the airport is still closed. Well with no docks, planes or anything, I guess staying on a boat at Macaronis with food and water is better. Shoot, I would love to help out in anyway I can or could. Going to Padang kinda makes you appreciate where we are, huh ? I think everybody reading this post, even though times are tough, give what we can to Surfaid, and or the other wonderful foundations there are to help over there. 

Yeah Surfteach, I am sure there apartment is done, thank God his wife and child were not there. They almost were not going to go on this trip. They were thinking of going to Bali or hanging in Padang. Whew !! They were just in town about a month ago for about 10 days. It was great seeing them. Glad we still keep in touch. His father in law said he was going crazy and not sleeping till he did hear from them, about a day I think he said. If and when I speak with him, I will tell him we all send our best.


Rocklobster, I sure hope you all hear from Scuz, especially his mom. Hate to hear that news, any news like that happening in our  surf community. Anybody who is reading this, and worried about someone who they have not heard from, who was or is out at the Mentawais. I hope this helps to ease your pain and worries; about 90% of the boats come in and leave right around the same dates. Give or take a day. So if the Addiction was out there, chances are so is that persons’ boat. So at least they are safe. Might be out there a little bit longer than planned, but chances are they are safe. Hope that helps. Okay, thanks all, lets keep communicating when we hear something. Talk soon. Thanks.



Thanks for that Lippy, I am a bit more relieved. Had a rough
day today as a few of my students had family in American & Western
Samoa who were lost in the tsunami and were just falling apart in
class. We are mounting a collection drive for those communities
starting this weekend and next week and hope to do the same for
the Mentawais

Yeah Yeah no worries on the info. If you go to surfline and click on Padang Earthquake Update, it gives some good info and then scroll down to the comments. In one of them, they talk about Chris Scurrah, I think that is Scuz from what I can piece together. Anyways, they say that he went up a river to head inland to get away from a tidal wave and more quakes. That is the last time he talked to his mom. But from what I gather, he is a smart, and very very qualified captain, I am sure he is fine. I also heard two more updates. Airport is open, as before I said it was closed, sorry. And I heard that even the sat-phones are not working that well right now. So if anybody is waiting to hear from a person out on a boat and they have a sat-phone on that boat, be patient. Easier said then done huh ? Alright thats probably it for tonight, unless I hear something else, I will post it asap.



Just Found your posts, Addiction Crew and Familys All survived quake, without major injuries. have a note from the Captain (Eric) on the addiction site. .

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