Paging "Burnsie"

Hey, Burnsie, so many thanks for that shirt!!! I was so stunned that I just didn’t know what to say (or give, in return)…

Did you catch the 10 foot swell before leaving?

Thanks Balsa, It was a pleasure to meet you. I was tempted to get you a Munster (where I’m from) jersey for the next time Munster are beating Biarritz in the european rugby final!

You are blessed with a fantastic stretch of coastline and lovely warm water.

I was well undergunned on the fish and I had to sit out a few perfect waves. During the big swell I surfed St Jean and I was really stoked as my son paddled out for the first time with me, I missed most of the waves watching out for him but it was worth it.

I look forward to meeting you again. (My Bonzer is just itching for a go at La Fitenia )

Any time. I hope the shop won’t be such a mess next time…