painting a laminated blank

Why must you use water based paints?>>> Drew, sure just make sure you are using water based paints or paint pens. > You might get better results if you paint over a sanded hotcoat providing you > plan on a gloss finish coat. Kind of hard to get a good tape line on a lamination > with the surface being so uneven. You can also use oil based paint or pens on > top of the sanded hot coat with a clear acrylic overspray if you aren’t using gloss coat. > Tom Sterne>>>> Could you, if you wanted, airbrush the blank after lamination but before >> hotcoat!! Would the hotcoat adhere to the painted surface? >> Thanks in advance

Best to either paint the blank, or on the sanded hotcoat,but you can paint the lam.You will also,(most likely) get a major de-lam between the lam and the hotcoat.Herb…stick with the waterbased stuff,or you will pay in surfboard materials.Herb