painting on epoxy, what to use

Hi I desperately need help someone

asked if I could hand paint their board and before I could even answer them I now have a board on my dining room table

I know nothing about surfboards. the problem is I don’t know what kind of paint to use on epoxy coated board. 

What brand/type of paint do I need.  Also does it have to be sealed and with what? Any help would be tremendously appreciated.  


 I paint on epoxy quite often, but always before the last coat of fiberglass, so my information is probably not applicable.

Try using the search function for “posca pens”, probably find some pertinent information there.


 . First make sure you have cleaned the board of any wax. After you have cleaned the Board. Sand the board with 220 grit sand paper. Use any quality acrylic paint and or Paint pen. Posca pens and Montana pens work great. Both Liquuatex and montana make rattle can paint used by grafitie artist that works great on fiberglass and epoxy boards  Then top coat with clear Acylic rattle can spray. Again make sure it says for outdoor use. 

Artz nailed it… since the board is already glassed, you can use pretty much anything you want. clearcoat is key…

this stuff works really well:

it’s 2 part automotive and you can gloss or not afterwords


Chrisp, That Spraymax looks like some interesting stuff. Haven’t seen it before.  Did you buy the whole Kit?  On Thier page they don’t have any pricing info. Most of what they do have does not say much at all. it would be nice if they had at least a video deminstration to get some idea of how the product works 

this link might help

and make sure to search you tube


hi Artz,

i was turned on to that stuff from a motorcycle forum where guys are using it over rattle can paint and getting TOP NOTCH gloss…

i’ve used it once. the can has a plunger in the bottom that punctures a membrane inside allowing the 2 parts to mix. after that, you only have a few hours to use it… I used a quality 3M respirator and sprayed it outside.

i bought the cans at a local auto paint store for about $20 each.

i made the mistake of only sanding to 220 (iirc) before using the spraymaxx. next time i will sand to 400ish then spray the clear then buff and polish…

the finished product is super tough and one can allowed several coates on a 7’ board.

Thank you Soooo friggin much I had such a strict deadline in between gigs with this board. Thought you guys might want to see the finished product

Couldn’t get the posca pens with the time frame i had that fast but I was able to use the Liquuatex paint after doing all the prep

Thank you everyone for your help

so Lavinia…

where can i drop a board off for paint???

that’s beautiful! great job!

Lol thank you :slight_smile:
Can’t wait to show the customer

he/she will be STOKED!

Nice work I like what you did.   

 Chrisp. Thanks for the heads up on that system. I’ll be sending them an email to get pricing .