painting on PU then glassing with RR

I painted PU foam with tempera paint, then glassed using RR…Looked great for two days then turned brown in spots…When using tempera on EPS and using RR, turns out great.  Maybe after time see a little spotting.  I paint onto the foam  then glass.  Any suggestion for a different type of paint for PU or a different way of doing it???to avoid browning??  How hard is it use tints or pigments?? I want a even color thru-out board??  If use Pigment, when and how do you get the logo on to show thru???

hard to tell with out pics, was it left in the sun? IF using tinted resin do the lamination first and concentrate on getting even color. After this is off, but before the hotcoat, laminate you logo in place with a piece of cloth over it. cheater over the lam then hotcoat as normal.

The PU is yellowing which is the quality of the PU.  Paint the blank white first and then do your airbrush.

Thanks for advice…And if i do resin tints do you think would mask the browning???..I used millenium foam…

Flat acrylic interior house paint.  The best results and any color.

If you sealed with spackle, the paint may have reacted because of the water used in the tempra mix (non DI).  Aways let the paint dry for several days and you’ll probably see any issues before glassing.

Thanks, I did use spackle in spots. Also prob worked alittle fast, could of let board sit longer after painting.  


Darker colored tints will obiously hide browning. Spackle spots may still show up a different color through tints. Make sure to use distilled or bottled water with DAP fast n’ final lightweight spackle. Tap water will turn the spackle brown from the minerals in the water…