painting stripes, pinlines, bands, etc

This was the second board that I’ve done some semi-detailed paint work on. I just did traditional longboard stripes, without any color overlap… actually it doesn’t look very detailed. Last time I did rail bands with pinlines – and was amazed at the time consumption of pinlines. Even the stripes I did, in different color, took a long time, with measuring, masking, painting, drying, remasking, etc. It doesn’t bother me for my little hobby, but for those of you in production, I’m speechless… either I’m doing something wrong, there is a steep learning curve, or you guys also spend a lot of time painting… it just doesn’t seem cost effective. I took my time, and had to make my templates (I’m sure I could do an identical second much faster) but I probably spent 5-6 hours painting. Is this normal?

Hello , Yep, art on surfboards is SO FUCKEN LUCRATIVE but really I would’nt have had my life any other way. I’m trying to develop a production method to put full-board graphics on boards for cheap. It’s been done but the artwork is LAME & I want to do it better! Anybody got a suggestion for printing on something other than the traditional tissue paper (Too fragile through a Large printer) Check the website -

I’m doing my first board too. What I would use for lam is rice paper and then use your PC to print your logo or art etc. Then for pin lines tape it off, then razor it. Then go to a art store and get a roller (sponge roller) for stenals. It about an inch wide, roll it in your paint, do about3-4 layers of paint. use a hair dryer to help with the drying. Pull the tape. use arazor to scrape any paint that fell on the board, don’t

a good way to do rail pinstripes is to make a tool – L shaped with holes drilled in the long side for a pencil. put the short side pointing down along the rail, and put the pencil in one of the holes so that the point is just touching the foam. slide the tool along the rail, and the pencil will follow the line. then take 1/2" or 1/4 tape and lay along the pencil line. lay another tape line next to the first with a 1/8" or so space between. use a “posca” pen and fill in the space between the tape. real clean! use the same taping method for freehand striping or outlining color panels. easy to follow the 1st tape line with the 2nd.

That’s a lot of information from someone doing their first board… I’ve been using rice paper from the start, the first couple boards I didn’t even paint, just computer logo – it looked good and was quick – but you gotta step the game up with time. I’d be hesitant to use a roller, seems like a lot of paint. I wasn’t necessarily complaining about airbrushing, just stating that it seems to take me a lot of time, and for guys in production; time is… well you know the cliché. Btw, careful with the blowdryer, they can do more harm than good if wielded carelessly.

rook!..speaking of things related to art…just hope your board logo is a black chess piece (castle/rook) in a round red circle (outlined in black, of course). The name is just crying out for that kind of design, bro!