paints and laminate graphics with Epoxy?

What about using paints and laminate graphics with Epoxy? Anything different as compared to working with Polyester? Thanks

If your using Clark or another urethane, then everything is exactly the same. I’f your using (EPS Beaded Polystyrene) then the blank needs to be sealed with lightweight spackling compound and lightly sanded before airbrush. If your using XPS(extruded polystyrene) The airbrush and labels should go just like a Clark. All the paints are the same.

I’ve run across 3 methods of the seal coat for EPS. What are the plus/minus attributes of each? 1.watered down spackle 2.water and white glue 3.epoxy with microballons or lightweight filler Yours or anyone else’s experiences with these? Thanks. Tom S.

Greg, is it necessary to apply the coat prior to cloth inlays? Thanks, Gary

Spacking compound: works excellent. Best base for air brush and cosmetically the best. Drawbacks: Spackling does tend to yellow a bit. Also adhesion to the blank is not as good as microballoons of as no seal. These are not serious issues but as long as we’re being thorough here… White Glue: Cosmetically not as good spackling. White glue softens with water intrusion causing delamination. This was an early method that has been discontinued by nearly everyone. Micro and epoxy: Excellent method. Good adhesion to the blank. Fair cosmetics. Fair for airbrush. Do NOT use additive F if your going to airbrush with water based paints during this step. The paint will bead on the microballoon surface. Blush can occasionally be a problem in bad weather which can create adhesion problems between the seal and the laminate. This was an early method that is still used by many today. No seal: This is now possible with the advent of better EPS foams. Adhesion to foam is VERY good In fact we have never broken a board built this way. Sometimes a small cheater coat is required after the lamination has set. This method requires excellent fine sanding of the blank and even with this the cosmetics are not as good as the other two acceptable methods. This method seems to lend itself to real high perfomance construction where performance and break strength are preferable over cosmetics. Big waves, Hawaii, Mexico, etc.

tom stern, What’s the surf report from bill?

Sorry for the delay, didn’t see your post. Bill was a good one, I’ve no first hand knowledge as I was in Austin on Monday/Tuesday. My phone was ringing at dawn Monday, the swell came from the N. and progressed South. 7:00 A.M. Matagorda, flat, 8:35 cam it was chest high and building. By 9:30 S. Padre was going off with a light West (offshore wind) Rumored to be 8’-10’ faces by midday. Here is an excerpt of a friend’s day: James called me first thing yesterday morning saying there was supposed to be surf and to be ready. I could hardly concentrate on work as I was watched the buoys build and the cam showing SPI going off. The cams here are all shot so I could see what was going on, but the wind was blowing straight out of the west. I worked til 1:00 pm, picked up Evan and his buddy and headed out. James had called me a little earlier saying that Bob Hall was crowded and closing out, so I headed to Port A. Driving down Ave. G I could see the spray of offshore winds and then beautiful green water. The lines looked long and clean, a sight we dont often get to see in Texas. I found James truck and saw his long board missing so I grabbed mine thinking that would be the better tool for the time. I could hardly contain my excitement as I paddled out. Long, beautiful, glassy, offshore lines were peeling perfectly in both directions. Most Texans never experience such perfection, but here it was right in our own backyard. I paddled out and sat about 75 yards past the south side of the T. It was crowded, as you would expect, but there was plenty for all (except for a few whiners at the bowl next to the T). At times I thought it was comparable to some of the fun days I surfed at Shipwrecks. Yes, Shipwrecks on the E. Cape. The wind stopped completely for about 30 minutes and then blew out of the S, SE making it a bit bumpy. This is not the end of the story. Many surfers already had their fill and thought the fun was over, so they headed in. Mistake, big mistake. The wind stopped completely and it glassed over again for about 2 more hours. After surfing straight for over 4 hours, my tongue felt like sand paper, and even though I didnt want to, I had to get something to drink. As I rode a wave in I noticed the sky darkening to the NW and wondered what that was all about. I rested and replenished for about 15 minutes and (barely) paddled back out. The waves were now breaking out even further and I saw James ride a wave for about 400 yards (easily). The darkened sky got closer and before I knew it, it was blowing about 25 mph straight NW. How weird??? This continued for about 20 minutes and then it glassed off again until dark. My tired, old body finally gave out and I decided to call it a day, a very good day. This morning I cant make myself look at the cams or buoys because I know I will get the calling and I just cant make it out. Cheers! Tom S.

Thanks for the report Tom. Sorry for the mispell on your name.