You’re absolutey right in your assumptions and I can’t really say much more about honeycombs(rather the honeycombs I’m using) at this point, but just remember there are alot of variables that determine a honeycombs properties. Materials, construction, cell shape and size, wall thickness, thickness of the honeycomb, then you have the faces. Real “honeycombs” are amazing, not grid or circle patterns, they don’t have the same energy distribution, but you would be absolutley amazed at the strength/weigth ratios of some honeycombs.

Parabeam is one of those items that has found a few good uses for. It is basically e-glass being woven in a carpet weaving loom. Carpet is slit down the center once it is woven, parabeam is not.

99% of the product is used in corrosion tanks. They put monitoring equipment between the two glass layers.

You can also use the product as a tooling glass for a composite heated mold.

Lots of glass in this product, probably way to heavy for surfboards. Glass is heavy, specific gravity is twice the weight as resin.

Is it a lot more expensive to do the honeycomb?

All depends on the honeycomb…