parellel outlined noseriders always look narrower in the middle

ive just shaped a 9-6@ 23@ 20nose@17tail for noserider that i wanted to be realy parellel so i firstly two parellel lines 23 apart from nose to tail and then put nose and tail outlines on leaving about a 4 foot straght section as an experiment but the board looks like it has side cuts it creates an elusion which you end up scraching your head and remeasuring about ten times to the point of even holding a straght edge on the rail the widest point being in the middle of board but when you look or get anyone else to look at it narrower in the middle has anyone else had this and what did it go like ,ive also done short boards like this same ilusion cheers ra.

While these boards are not " Nose Riders, " they do have the appearance of a hip as you site down them. It occurs where the curve starts after the long parellel section. Optical Illusion I guess…

Same board on its side or standing…you dont see it…

yes that is what i meen hard to get your eyes around, thanks Proneman

this is the most prellel longboard ive ever made so im after some feedback as to how they go

Seems like the more parallel they get.

The more they start to resemble a tongue depressor / pop-cycle stick.

Those girls have some hips.

verry impressed with how this board goes ugliest board ever, probably the the best longboard ive ever surfed such a nice ride suprizingly hard to shape something this ugly your brain keeps saying no dont do this make it look less ugly but i stuck to my guns glad i did cheers ra. 

maybe i need to change this thread to UGLY BOARDS THAT GO REALY GOOD what do you reckon???

I had a board back in '62 that looked like that.

Charlie Keller made it from refrigerator foam. It had a 3/4" cedar stringer. Glassed with brown boat resin. Had a big plywood skeg. Really parallel rails. 

It was very light because the foam was so light. Until it delamed and Charlie fixed the delam and added a few pounds.