Paul Gross/ Is there a thief on the board?

Paul, What happened to the pictures of some of my hulls referenced in the Resources section?

…My Blue Heeler,“Shelby” ate them,she eats everything!Herb

I’ve re-posted the pictures. Maybe they are in transition…

hey-i am not getting any pics here-two from epg are not up and the three pm mentions as well.waz-up???

Paul was the gremlin. I forgot that when you Modify a record it deletes the old images but the new record doesn’t show up until I approve the changes. Not too smart I guess – but it works. They’re up now. Enjoy, MP (I gotta wonder what the ride is like on the deep hull Paipo though…)

whew! i thot it was a bug on my end. how bitchin to see these boards…love the closeup tailshot of El Paipo. i know these pictures have you grinning, roger…make me wanna take you up on your offer (can i go fast too daddy?) great work paul w/ appreciation johnny

Mike(Swaylock) Do you believe in magic? Lovin’ Spoonfull-Makes you feel happy like an old time movie!

Yeah, El Paipo Grande! Fastest board ever. I’m still in shock over seeing you ride that thing a couple of weeks ago in those hard offshores. It was like the roadrunner…Beep, Beep…whoooosshhh Right on, Paul.