Paulownia organic varnish for alaia?

say ladies/gents? i saw the link from surfing green in aus regarding bio wood varnish

is there a cheap/organic comparable option for us in the states? anything i can get at lowes/hd? i am doing my alaias in 1/2 linseed 1/2 gum turp, but i am selling one to a young man that i would like a more semi permanent coat. any info is greatly appreciated.



hi steven,

I have seen similar products over there, but you won’t find them in Lowes or HD. 

Most of the eco and people friendly varnishes and coatings are made for the building industry. There is heaps of green building going on in the US now, so it shouldn’t be hard to find. 

Look for an outdoor, weatherproof varnish or similar product.

Do some googling for eco-friendly paints in your area and Im sure you will find a clear coating at one of the suppliers. 

I did see some great eco-varnishes and sealants in this store when I was there a few months ago -

However they havent got those particular products listed on their website. 

Here is another site that came up that might be worth contacting -

good luck

you can melt some beeswax and mix it with some turps to make a seal/polish paste and apply it after you have oiled it up!