Paulownia Power !! 5-9 Paulownia/redwood kneeboard spoon

Have got some more pictures if anyone wants to see them


Have got some more pictures if anyone wants to see them

Yes, please! You can’t expect us to be satisfied with a teaser shot like that.

As well as full set of dimensions, weight, fin shots, and ride review?

Thanks Roy.


very nice

i echo pat’s comments

and , how many stringers does it have ,


have you surfed it , Roy / tom ?

if so ,

how did you like it ?

cheers for the ‘teaser shot’ hahahhh


Hi Pat,

                      <img src="" alt="" class="bb-image" /> 

                     Fin shots: 

                     <img src="" alt="" class="bb-image" /> 

                       <img src="" alt="" class="bb-image" /> 


Hi Ben,

How many stringers does it have ?

It’s ALL stringers , apart from the frames !

Dimensions are 5’9" by 21 wide by 2 inches thick, weight is about 9 or 10 pounds, in the lower deck area it is 1 inch thick and hollow.

Built the little slider back in 2002 for Dusty Waddel, but sneaked half a dozen sessions in before I handed it over, it was a lot of fun, using fins is hard work though, especially those new short thick ones.

cheers Roy !

and what are the dimensions of that fin , please ?

fibreglass ?

so…how do you like kneeboarding , Roy ?

must make a nice change once in a while for you , eh ? [do you do it often ?]

I sometimes kneel on my fish boards , and the other day , even did a couple kneeling on my 7’ single fin [perth’s summers will cause me to do stuff like that sometimes !]


That is a mighty nice lookin board… hot dang I wish we could get pauwlonia here…

Roy, that thing is just beggin for action shots… you gonna make one of your funky videos with it? please please!!!

Is that fin as far back as it seems?

Thanks Dave,

The fin is as far back as it seems, not likely to get action shots of that board unless I take up breaking and entering, Dusty ‘Scrooge’ Waddel , the guy who owns it has it in his surf museum/prison , with a number on it just like a convict, once a board enters that place it is a life sentence, I have three big longboards in there and the guy won’t part with them.

I have this old chestnut in a classic car museum though and I still own it so could hijack it for a surf.


Hi Ben,

The fin is 9 inches deep, by a three inch base, about 18mm thick, marine ply ‘glassed’ with polyester cloth.

Haven’t done much kneeboarding, not since I learned to stand up, just have a bit of a fetish for making them, it is fun though, so will have to have another crack at it with some more comfortable fins one day.

nice one roy

i too have been thinking about a spoon with wood in the flex part

looks great mate

Cheers Paul, mines not a flex spoon though, inspired more by Greenough’s early balsa pre flex spoon which was just scooped out with a bottom half an inch thick, got a picture of it somewhere

I bet a wood veneer inside your flex layer would be good