Pencil on EPS question.

Hi folks.

I’ve just finished shaping my first EPS board (sorry no picks just yet). It’s turned out ok, a few lumps here and there but i’m going to leave it, if I keep going i’ll turn it into a skinny wafer. I was pretty astonded that my bodgy cheap arse hot wire cutter actually worked.

Anyway I would like to do some art work on the EPS foam in pencil.

I will be sealing the EPS with spackle and then sketching onto the spackle.

Would this cause any bonding issues with the epoxy resin?

I’m not talking about a small little picture or some writting but a big sketch with a lot of shading that covers the whole board top and bottom including covering the rails.

Is this idea destined to be a disaster?

thanks, JD

I would advise you seal the pencil drawing with a clear coat before glassing to prevent any smudging of the pencil lines/shading. That way, I don’t think you will have any more adhesion problems than an airbrushed and sealed with clear acrylic blank would have.

Please post pics of the drawing when it is done!


Art is much easier and looks better on top of the fill coat-glass first.

Then acrylic or gloss and done.


I’m with Lavarat on this one.

I can’t see any bonding issues with the doing it on the blank, but considering how soft foam is compaired to how hard/sharp a pencil is you mark or damage the blank, also you could easily rub out any mistakes on a sanded filler coat.

Thanks Guuys for the advice.

I was going to use a very soft pencil and I thought that the spackle coating would create a nice texture to draw on.

But i guess you are right to do it on the glass as it will be easier to make corrections if I stuff it up.

thanks, JD

Seal your blank with epoxy and 3m glass bubbles, this surface is pretty hard and you cand raw on it quite easily. It makes a nice smooth white finish so you don’t need to use to soft a pencil to make a drawing on it. I would steer away from too soft a pencil as the thick graphite may cause some icky results with your resin. Alternatly use posca pens to do your artwork.