perceptions of the customers

…today I had a phone call from a customer that have 4WFS in his board; he wants to buy a new set of fins.

He started to talk about that the board (I made that board several months ago) is not so loose; that he have been some problems with short radius turns, etc; then he said me that he was in Peru and that the board performed right when the surf was more than 6 ft (the board is a rocket 5 10 x 2 3/8 -quad-) but he was affraid to move the fins…

He said that his not very confident with the board until few sessions ago that he started to move a bit the fins, etc

Then say that in the last sessions, small days, faster beach breaks with almost no water, the board performed good

that he did very radical tricks; tighter fast turns that put the board 180º so the tail is in the front side then recovery and continue to riding the wave…

Also, that he NEVER imagined that he could do an aerial, because he s 34 and he surf in other style…but he did the first one with this board…

Then say that all his friends told him that he rides better the previous board -that still have it- (but when I did this other board and I commented him about how good he ride it, HE told me that another previous board perform better -that I made too-)

Say that the board works better up to 6ft…


…man, sometimes is not easy build custom boards.


Sounds like a great opportunity to sell him another board.  

basically surfers are sheep. ten guys will look at it for 1/2 an hour until one paddles out then the other 9 will follow imediately

Ha right on Paul! 

yeah so think that when your shaping a board . your not shaping it for him/her for the best board for his/her ability. your shaping it for the four mates he/she shows it to that couldnt handle a sanding block but are experts at board design. . ive started to say, when asked about a particular board ive shaped

" ah yeah its got some of those fin things on the bottom and yeah its made of some sort of foam or something"

…hey Rooster, if I do a new board, he ll say that this one performed better…

some people can say anything depends on the moment, but in that way is very difficult to build a good board for some body.

The feedback of these guys is confused.


-hello PaulCannon, yes, I know what you say about those types of friends…

So true. I’m always the first one in the water, but the pack are never far behind.