Performance Long Board Dimensions

Hey Guys,

I'm pretty new to shaping (Done about 12 boards now) and would like some advice on building a performance long board for myself. MOst of the boards I've done have been boxy type long boards or short boards. I usually ride a short board and have tried a few long boards but I need something that I can throw around easier then the traditional long boards. I'm 75KG.

Would like to know what widths and thickness's would be good.

My current thoughts are:

9'2 x 22 3/4 x 2 1/2

17' Nose and 14' Tail

Any thoughts?

Your basic dimensions sound right.  Consider wide point placement, rocker and rail contours.  It's not unusual to find basic shortboard style rails, wide point at or a bit aft of center and some boosted tail rocker on a hi-perf longboard.  Add a 2+1 fin system and you're in business.

I've got almost the same as those dimensions - slightly shorter and narrower 9'1" and 22". It goes very well surfed off the backfoot, but not so well as a nose rider.

What about a quad long board for performance?


Performance LBs can noseride, but they seem to noseride best on a more slopey wave instead of a steep, peeling wave because they’re so light and don’t use big noserider center fins. So adding a bit more surface area under the nose seems to help… wider with some concave.

Consider bottom contours, too, going with either a flat bottom, or long double concave.

Widepoint back with a squash tail helps do more shortoboardesque turns.