i do not know why i wrote the work perplexed. but besides that…

I started to plane my board with a power planer. WHAT DID I DO!!! it lookes like someone took a hacksaw to my nice blank. can i fix this? why did it do that?

a picture is worth a thousand “OH SHIT!!!” 's

I shaped over 40 board before trying an electric planer. Good learning experience.

Planer does just that, it takes out your specified depth at cutter width, and if you go slow and allow the planer to cut with steady soft pressure, it looks pretty cleanly grooved.

If you force it fast thru the foam, you tear out chunks and gouge the blank.

Mellow out, go smooth, steady, and relaxed.

And before you buy an electric sander for the hotcoat, you might learn how to use that too.

ok sounds good im gonna go at it again. but how did u shape that many boards? b4 using one? how did u get the rocker and stuff? Hand planner?

You must be using styro blanks.

I used Clark, and rocker is set with stringer from factory. Don’t need to mess, as you can adjust trim angle by adjusting template, WPoint, thickness flow, and rail shape.

I’m actually much more proud of sanding my first 110 boards without electric power…all with sandpaper, a pine block 7x9" with bevelled corners, 45 minutes of excercise at the beach and a quick dip cleanup.

Yea. thats impressive. haha this is my second board and my first was a cut out of a longboard. but yea this is a cark blank. i was just trying to get the thickness of the board right using the planer. i did it. slow and steady it fixed all the gouges so thanks alot. the bottom is a little uneven so that has to be fixed. as for rail bevels any sugesstions. im goin to use a sureform b/c im scared of the planner.

Don’t be scared of the power planer. Just set it for shallower cuts and go slower. It’s a much better tool in any event.

Aren’t you getting a little complicated for your second board?

Rail bevels need to be sanded with respect to peak of bevel, shaped to be even and smooth, just a lotta extra work.

not trying to get complicated. just tryin to make it rite. my1st was a guess when it came to the rails. i want to make a nice blank with this one.