Pescado by Anderson Surfboards

Hey all-

I’ve been off Sways for almost 2.5 years, so pardon the sudden return.

Does anybody have any experience riding the Pescado by Scott Anderson in the under 6’3 range?

I’ve been revisiting my 6’6" Pescado which has been stored away and I find it much more interesting and lively than the stuff I usually ride in my quiver. I took it out at Chuns in head high surf and in South shore chest high reef surf, and I am blown away by it in my first 2 go ats on this board in a long while.

I’d like to try getting one about 4" shorter. I’m 5’11" 167 lbs.


If you do a search, there is some really good buzz on some hull threads about that board generally–I myself would like to hear what the Pescado people have to say about it as a quad, so if that has happened anywhere, let it be known

Scott is makin a nice quad set up on the Pescado as of late.


I’ve ridden a 6’2’’ pescado quite a bit. It is about 21.5 wide and setup as a redx thruster. I’ve only ever ridden it in beachbreak. It’s a different feeling for sure. Fun in good waves. Not as fun for me in small sectiony waves.

I’m 6’0’’ x 175lb. Plenty of float and easy wave catching with the 6’2’‘. If you like the 6’6’’ I suspect you’d be stoked with the 6’2’’ as well given your size.


Personal promotion here, but I have a 6’0 that’s a tad small for me I’d like to get rid of. I’m 5’10" and 180 (on a good day)… PM me if interested…

Thanks McMalibu. Sent you a PM.

Bump to ask the masses if there are any rider experiences out there with this board as a quad, and more generally, how much hull there to this thing and what else about the bottom or rocker–any photos of profiles out there?


EDIT: NO idea why, but on page 2 and page 3 of a Google search of anderson pescado surfboard, this happens: