Phi -- natural perfection in surfboard design

Anyone here every consider intergrating PHI into their designs. Either on curves, rail shapes, or fins? For an explanation on what PHI is… this site can do a way better job than I can. Basically it is known as the divine proportion - a constant numerical ratio in nature and design, I think first realized by Leonardo DaVinci. Seen in astronomy, nature sealife, birds wings, man, insects, manmade art and symbolism, and plants of all types. Didn’t mean to trip anyone out but once you start thinking about this stuff… Oh well, back to work.

Fibonacci ratios or PHI appeara in the ratio of the number of spiral arms in daisies, in the chronology of rabbit populations, in the sequence of leaf patterns as they twist around a branch, and a myriad of places in nature where self-generating patterns are in effect. The sequence is the rational progression towards the irrational number embodied in the quintessential golden ratio. This most aesthetically pleasing proportion, phi, has been utilized by numerous artists since (and probably before!) the construction of the Great Pyramid. As scholars and artists of eras gone by discovered (such as Leonardo da Vinci, Plato , & Pythagoras), the intentional use of these natural proportions in art of various forms expands our sense of beauty, balance & harmony to optimal effect. Leonardo da Vinci used the Golden Ratio in his painting of The Last Supper in both the overall composition (three vertical Golden Rectangles, and a decagon (which contains the golden ratio) for alignment of the central figure of Jesus. The outline of the Parthenon at the Acropolis near Athens, Greece is enclosed by a Golden Rectangle by design.

Hey man, as an artist I am very familiar with the Golden section in a Two-D format- Never thought about it in relation to shaping directly- There could be a relationship there… those spiral diagrams look a little like a rail cross-section hey… At the end of the day its all about curve - relating the board to the spiral energy which moves the water… Hmmm i’ll read the notes properly…

Noserider rocker break – length x phi back from the nose Semi-gun, forward foot driving, rocker break – length x phi up from tail Hips on a noserider – see above A couple of possibilities.

If you look for commonality you will always find it.

This fractal mathematic theory has been broken by the Mandelbrot set, if you apply his number set to a computor graph and look at the equation visually you will see all forms of natural shapes. Hence the Mandelbrot set has been coined the “Finger Print of God” If you ever get a chance to see the Mandelbrot set running through a continous cycle, it never ends and never repeats, just a constant evolution of shapes and forms. Very compelling.

“But our physical world is more than matter, but also waves of energy… to a wave, there are no lines, only circles.” Instead of intergrating PHI into a hard, unyielding board for an ever-changing fluid medium, it`s also possible to create an intimately adaptive surfcraft, designed to form itself in harmony with human breath and the Divine Proportion already existing in nature, i.e. waves…

theres this retired engineer from northrup that buttons his shirt wrong that comes by he goes off on fibonacci stuff once in a while this naval architect guy moved to town a while back I said gee he must make some real small house plans…navel architect… fibonacci / every board is different for a reason… to blow your circuts into an alternative head space.The Dale alternative does it with an inhale or an ex aust exhale … De Vink , as his friends called him, didn’t surf much but he enjoyed it when he did and he never got good enogh to quit work and surf … his notebooks of surf drawings were lost in a big storm. there were some perfect shapes in those books …all the Medici kids rode early DE Vinks before De left the beach to work at the villa … on sculpture…periodically he would show up to body surf if there was a swell .If you sit arround on a stool bent over a desk and look deeply into your Piko* you can see the entire universe radiating from there… ambrose excited about Jemena …* navel

Did not some Hawaiian once say “I just ride dah buggah”?