Pics of the bottom contour of my 9'1''. Why this contour?

Some pics of the bottom shape of my longboard. Can the longboard experts tell me why you would put this bottom shape on a longboard, and is it common?? Excuse my ignorance, i don't know much about longboard design. It seems to like head high waves, with push. Im guessing because of the roll?? Pics are nose to tail.




Any ideas?. I really like the board. In very small waves it can be a bit of work, but it pays off once the waves get over chest high. Normally run an 8'' dolphin and small sides, but im gunna try it just with the 8'' right back, as the tail is narrowish. If it works i might get a 9'' dolphin.



IMHO…You’re on the right track Beerfan. Larger fin like the one you have pulled as far back as you can get it.  In small waves I like my D fins or a 10" Sparky.  I’ll keep my opinion on the shape simple. That looks like a noserider to me.

Concave nose, tri-hullish belly bottom, upturned rails, a little vee in the tail… bet it’s got a kick in the tail rocker too. Designed to make the nose plane faster, the rail and bottom to pull more water over the tail… remember a hard edge releases the flow and a curved edge makes it stick or wrap around…so you can walk more to the nose. Well that’s my simplistic garage hack 2 pennies worth anyway. I’m sure there’s a lot more science to it than that but in general…I think that’s the concept.


Cool thanks mate. I might get a bigger fin for it anyway. Can't have too many!.

I have a 10 foot Infinity Rad Noserider, very similar bottom.  I run a 10" single , and a 8" with sides for bigger than chest highish.  Board is awesome, I love how responsive it is.  You can really feel the belly section under your feet.



[img_assist|nid=1064978|title=Bear Single Concave|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=640|height=427]Hey beerfan i just got this board a few days ago, looks very similar to yours mine is also 9’1’’ and has a rather pronoucned concave that travels well behind the center mark of the board, and then moves into vee. the board is very thin at 2 3/4 and has super low rails/ almost like a hp performance board. It feels like the concave takes more weight out of the nose and makes you feel like your riding a board much shorter. Not to sure what it would do hyrdodynamically ?? And like woody suggested with yours this one has a big kick out the tail and three fins also with a hard edge. 

normally im a traditionalist, but i cant fault this board. Its made me rethink alot about my heavy, panel vee’d longboard from the 60s. haha 

Im glad i just bought a 10" dolphin fin then!!.


Zackoopman, the concave on mine only goes to about a foot and a half back from the nose. Its not an old school heavy board, and with a 2+1 setup turns pretty good for a longboard. In fact most of the time im not even thinking about noseriding. Like to change that, although i surf mostly beachies. Im not a hardcore longboarder but shit, i couldn't live without mine

Arrived this morning. Shame its almost flat today :(. Looks like small clean windswell the next few days. Should get to try it out. There is a massive difference between an 8'' dolphin fin and a 10" dolphin fin hahah, its a big boppa!!

Nice let us know how it goes!

Well, i got some chest high clean windswell to myself after a terrible night shift this morning. Man, its a sweet fin!. Not sure who, but someone here uses the phrase "like buttah!" and that's what it is, super smooth and drivy. I didn't find it too stiff either. I mean, it doesnt turn like a 2+1, but its not stiff either. I love the drive i get from it. Almost feels like the board has more "glide" too. Anyway, im a fan, and glad i got it. Headin back tomorrow am!!


A bit of beach break logging - fun fun fun .

Pillage & Plunder

Beerfan, something that works very well for a board like that is a very long, narrow-based, single fin setup. 

What this allows you to do is have a very drivey feeling, very fast down the line. If I understand correctly we are surfing beach break and you might need to race a section or two. More then likely, you will run up to the nose, perch as long as you can (3-5 seconds) and run back for a little cutty. I run this set-up on my bigger boards back home in the good old panhandle and it works pretty good. Big ole fade turn and lock that puppy in… no better feeling. My .02.

Cheers, thanks guys!! Nice vid there too

Reading this thread with interest and up should pop the Velzy Fin I have fallen in love with. Can’t say enough about it . Recently got back into my longer heavier boards and playing around with fins and this one seemed to have that extra magic. All that Xander says plus. I also surf beach breaks ficcal ones at that .you wouldn’t be waiting an investment if you bought one .